‘Dream is a freak’ trending on Twitter as He accused of grooming minor


After YouTuber Dream’s face was exposed, he is now facing charges of grooming a girl who started a “Dream is a freak” trend on Twitter. It seems all is not well after YouTuber Dream’s face is revealed. As before, the trend of calling a YouTuber ugly has come to light. But now Twitter has hit another trend.

Read ahead to learn more about the “Dream is a freak” trend that went viral on Twitter after finding allegations on Dream.

Youtuber Dream recently revealed his face to everyone

Ever since Youtuber Dream came to YouTube as a creator of Minecraft. When he was online, he covered his face at all times to hide his identity. He was seen wearing a large round face mask with a smile on it. However, his followers were curious about his face.

Well, the dream of all his followers came true when he promised to reveal his face. Like recently he took off his mask for everyone and showed everyone his face. A post that some liked the way it looked. While some on Twitter started the trend calling it ugly. But it seems that the trend against him is not over yet.

A “Dream Is Crazy” trend begins on Twitter.

After a nasty trend against Youtuber Dream. The new trend taking over Twitter about the dream is “The Dream is Crazy”. Publish YouTuber’s face reveal An internet user named Anastasia claimed that the YouTuber sometimes tried to edit her on social media.

For all those who are not aware of the term grooming, it means that a minor allows himself to be lured into a sexual relationship by an adult, mostly through online means such as text messages. Anastasia even took to Twitter and Snapchat to share some of the lyrics that are said to be from Dream. Although she also said that because of all these allegations, the Youtuber has put off revealing his face.

Youtuber Dream reacts to the allegations against him

While most of Anastasia’s accusations on YouTuber Dream, the “Dream is a freak” trend started on Twitter. Dream himself responded to the trend that went viral on Twitter and the allegations against him. He dismissed all the allegations with three tweets that came from Dream’s alternate Twitter account, which appeared to be private.

He went on to try to say in his tweet that false accusations hurt real victims of sexual assault. Meanwhile, many of the networks are against him. Some of them sided with the YouTuber to support him.

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