El Paso Walmart shooter pleads guilty to 2019 racist massacre


Patrick Crusius has pleaded guilty to shooting and killing 23 people at an El Paso Walmart in August 2019, according to a new court filing.

Cruzius sought a retrial after federal prosecutors agreed to take the death penalty off the table.

“The accused tells the court that he intends to plead guilty to the indictment,” the report said.

Patrick Crusius, 21, of Allen, Texas, accused of being the El Paso Walmart mass shooter, went on trial on October 10, 2019 in El Paso, Texas, where he is accused of killing 22 people and injuring 25 others.

Mark Lambie/Paul via Reuters

Federal prosecutors are investigating the shooting as domestic terrorism and a hate crime because Cruzius targeted Hispanics.

He told investigators he chose the store near the U.S.-Mexico border because it was frequented by Hispanic shoppers.

Cruzius was indicted by federal prosecutors in 2019 on 90 counts, including 22 counts of hate crimes resulting in death, 22 counts of using a firearm to commit murder, 23 counts of attempted murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. crime. 22 people died on the day of the shooting or in the two days after, and a 23rd person died eight months later.

Also, 23 people were injured in the attack.

Cruzius, 21, closed the Walmart unarmed before returning wearing earplugs, goggles and an AR-15-style assault rifle. He opened fire before entering the store.

Investigators believe Cruzius posted a four-page racist and anti-immigrant document on the website 8chan before launching the attack.

ABC News’ Bill Hutchinson and Luke Barr contributed to this report.

ABC News

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