Elizabeth Debicki Calls ‘The Crown’ Season 6 Scenes “Unbearable”

The Crown Season 6 will depict the final days of Princess Diana, and Elizabeth Debicki has recalled the “completely unbearable” scenes she filmed for the new series.

Netflix previously confirmed that the death of Princess Diana — which tragically occurred in Paris in 1997 — will not be recreated in the show. However, the days leading up to her fatal car crash will be depicted.

As per Deadline, Debicki, who portrays the late royal in The Crown, described filming scenes based on the intense paparazzi attention surrounding Diana as “heavy and very manic and incredibly invasive.”

“It’s almost like an anomalistic response to being pursued by that many actors playing the press because there’s nowhere you can go,” she recalled. “You only have to be in a situation like that for about a minute before you realize this is completely unbearable.”

Diana’s Death Was Filmed “Respectfully”

Debicki also told the press ahead of Season 6 that she trusts The Crown creator Peter Morgan’s vision and revealed how she wanted to portray “real joy, happiness, lightness, and genuine fun on the screen” before the inevitable tragedy.

“That was really the piece I felt that I could control,” she explained. “That became a real focus. I really needed it. I needed to have a good time, and so we did, as much as we could.”

Meanwhile, The Crown director Christian Schwochow recently told Deadline that any scenes depicting Diana’s death were filmed “very respectfully.”

“It was very, very clear to us that we don’t want to see her dead body,” he explained. “I actually think that it was not a discussion. Not even in the first version of the cut we would ever see her body.”

Debicki Praised Young William & Harry

The Crown’s final season will also see the introduction of Rufus Kampa and Fflyn Edwards, who play the young Prince William and Harry, respectively.

Ahead of the new series, Debicki praised her on-screen sons and their “capacity to carry layers of stories.”

“When I met these kids, there’s just an essence,” she added. “Their energy was perfect, and they were very, very open and very kind souls.”

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