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His billionaire father spent a lot of money to save the family after he committed several thefts

Retired engineer Errol Musk’s home in South Africa’s Western Cape has undergone expensive renovations thanks to billionaire son Elon, who is increasingly worried about possible attacks on his family. On Saturday, the 76-year-old patriarch described the “first class” security system and the rationale behind it to The Sun.

Little Musk”After recent threats against him, he decided I needed protection too“, Errol told the British publication, admitting”if they steal us it will be the fastest $20 million in their life.»

I’m afraid something will happen to Elon, even though he has about 100 guards with himErrol admits that his sonA little naive about the enemies he makes, especially with Twitter files.”

As Errol describedElon’s peoplewas sent to a top security company “last month”.completely safehouse. After about $15,000, Musk’s compound is equipped with an electric fence, nine 24-hour cameras that can be monitored from Musk’s phone, and “24/7 surveillance by heavily armed guardsWhen they see an unfamiliar car in their driveway, they call to check on it.

While the elder Musk admits he doesn’t like the high-security lifestyle, he understands the need for it, saying his home has been burglarized four times in the past year alone. In this case, the intruders were only looking for his televisions, “the risk of something bad happening or even being literally shot down is significant,” he said. “It’s not hard to kill me if someone wants to, so I hope he doesn’t.“Errol killed three armed robbers in 1998 when Elon was still a child.

Since Musk became CEO of Twitter, roughly 80% of the company’s employees have been fired or laid off. It has also released thousands of internal communications over the past few years detailing the platforms’ collusion with several US government agencies, events it deems unnecessary, from Hunter Biden’s laptop inferno to questioning the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines. Worried about the enemies he was making, he suspended his private jet-tracking Twitter account and accused the user of posting.kill coordinates.”

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