Eminem Pays Tribute to “Pat Stay” as Canadian rapper dead at 36


Eminem has reportedly paid tribute to Canadian battle rapper Pat Stay, who was fatally wounded on Sunday, September 4. As HipHopDX reports, police were called to the 1600 block of Lower Water Street in Fairfax, Nova Scotia on reports of a stabbing. Pat Stay was taken to the hospital, however, rapper Pat Stay died of his injuries at the age of 36. Eminem, who has also appeared on the battle rap circuit, took to Twitter to share his condolences: Hip Hop has lost one of its most iconic fighters of all time. Tear @patstay … KINGS NEVER DIE!! Last month, Pat Stay got into The Game after sharing his diss track ‘The Black Slim Shady’, which appears on The Game’s tenth album, ‘DRILLMATIC Heart Vs. Mind’.

One part of the track features The Game mirroring Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ stream, preceeding him rapping, Oh, he Goes Platinum/A, I’m on the ‘Math with him/He got all the Blackest partners/He needs to be African /Me, he left to die on ‘Doctor’s Advocate’/Dre never produced it, I just imagined it. I have to say as a losangelesconfidential fan it was hard to watch you frantically asking @eminem for consideration in trying to fight him, Pat Stay composed on Instagram. Trust me, I respect that desire, but when you start with the whole ‘he just blew up because he’s white’ bullshit, it comes across as hateful rather than competitive.

Pat Stay

Eminem pays tribute to Pat Stay as Canadian rapper dies aged 36

Canadian rapper Pat Stay has died at the age of 36 after being stabbed in the heart of downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Pat Stay was rushed to hospital, but the rapper died shortly afterwards from his serious injuries. Although police have not formally confirmed it, the rapper’s sibling Pete Stay reported that he died on Sunday morning. The authorities responded to the shocking circumstance in time. As of Sept. 4, no arrests had been made in connection with the stabbing, according to reports, and authorities are reportedly asking anyone with information to come forward.

Eminem took to Twitter to pay tribute to the late Pat Stay following the news that he had been stabbed to death in Fairfax, Nova Scotia on Sunday, September 4th. Hip Hop has lost one of the most incredible fighters of all time, the ‘Lose Yourself’ emcee. RIP @patstay… KINGS NEVER DIE!! As REVOLT recently revealed, Pat Stay’s sibling, Peter, confirmed that rapper Pat Shay succumbed to his injuries following reports of a stabbing in the 1600 block of Lower Water Street. He was 36 years old. Especially since Pat Stay has recently come to Eminem’s defense amid his ongoing feud with The Game.

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