Encanto theory says Julieta Madrigal knew Bruno was there all along


Encanto fans know that the Madrigal family doesn’t talk about Bruno (there’s a whole song about it!), but a new theory suggests that some of the characters may have known he was in the house the whole time.

Dolores, Pep’s daughter, tells the family after Bruno’s return that she “knew he never left” because she heard him “every day”. It’s not much of a surprise because in We Don’t Talk About Bruno tells the audience that she “always heard him mumbling and mumbling.”

But is it possible that another family member knew that Bruno still lived in the house? Some fans think so and all arrows point to Julieta knowing and the reason why is within her power…

What is the power of Julieta Madrigal?

Julieta is the mother of Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel and is married to Agustín. She is the daughter of Alma and Pedro and is one of triplets alongside Pepa and Bruno.

Juliet’s power is that she can heal people with her cooking. As we see in the movie, Julieta is able to heal Mirabel’s arm with an arepa con queso.

Angie Cepeda, who voices Juliet, described her character as “very kind”.

She told Vital Thrills: “I really fell in love with her. She cares so much about her family and the people in her community. She has this gift and heals people with the food she cooks. He does it for everyone who needs it.”

We also hear about Juliet’s powers in the song The Family Madrigal, where Mirabel tells the audience about each member of her family and their magic.

Mirabel sings, “That’s my mama Julieta, here’s her deal, the truth is she can heal you with food, her recipes are real medicine.”

Did Julieta Madrigal know that Bruno was in the house?

Some fans think Julieta knew Bruno was in the house the whole time. They can trace the theory back to one moment in the film when Mirabel finds Bruno and he tells his niece that he is getting food from the house.

Julieta is in charge of the food, so surely she would notice if it went missing? Especially since the food in the house is so intertwined with her power, it would seem that Julieta would be aware if ingredients or foods were missing.

Bruno’s room is also behind the walls of the dining room table, meaning that since Julieta spends so much time preparing and serving the family’s meals, she could easily hear him. This would also make it easier for her to carry food.

The theory is strengthened by the fact that Julieta is one of the few members of the family who does not join We Don’t Talk About Bruno and, unlike the others, has nothing bad to say about her brother.

Fans are debating the theory on Twitter

The theory was tossed around on Twitter by fans who replayed the film and paid close attention to Julia’s actions. Some actually think she must have known Bruno was there all along.

One fan wrote that they “couldn’t shake the thought” that Julieta knew Bruno was in the house because she was in charge of all the food.

“She would definitely cook Bruno’s favorite food/snacks and leave it in the kitchen for him,” he tweeted.

Another Encanto browser he said that Julieta made all the food and “made enough for the whole family plus Bruno and the mice” meaning “she knew he was there”.

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