ENGIE at COP 28, day by day

“Affordability is key”: An interview of Catherine MacGregor on Bloomberg TV 

On this interview for Bloomberg, ENGIE’s CEO insists on the social aspects of the energy transition. The energy system must be “not just low carbon, but also resilient and affordable”. Catherine MacGregor underlines the prospects of BarMar, a vast hydrogen transport corridor that will link France, Spain and maybe Germany. The Group has been present for two decades in Gulf countries where it has power and water units, as well as energy efficiency assets like district cooling. 

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Catherine MacGregor made the closing remarks at the Climate Philanthropy Forum panel “Tackling Greenwashing and Greenhushing” 

ENGIE’s CEO conveyed the following message : “The best way to hold business accountable is to verify that our sustainable goals are truly aligned with how we create value. Otherwise, we will do greenwashing. Indeed, we are a business, a company, not an NGO. We are not here to be uncompetitive and to lose money, we need to be economically sustainable (…) It is hard work, but if you want to avoid greenwashing, you need a strong alignment between the CEO and the CFO”. 

The replay : Catherine‘s intervention is at 2h42

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