ESPN analyst’s take on Mack Jones and the Patriots’ overhaul of the offense


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“I want to make clear how different Mc Jones is this year compared to last year.”

Matt Patricia, Joe George and Mack Jones during the Patriots-Dolphins game on Jan. 1, 2023. AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

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Dan Orlovsky’s take on the Patriots’ offensive practice situation: After a season where former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia called on the Patriots’ offense, the results — an 8-9 season that missed the playoffs — were disappointing.

New England ranks 17th in points, 26th in yards and 27th in nets per drive. Mack Jones, the Patriots’ second-year quarterback, has struggled most of the season, throwing just 14 touchdowns to 11 interceptions.

As for 2023, ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky explained that the Patriots need to replace Patricia with a more experienced signal caller in the offseason.

“The coordinator has to change,” Orlovsky said on Tuesday’s “NFL Live” segment. “Someone with a long history of calling plays in the NFL.”

Orlovsky listed former Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury and former Texas coach Bill O’Brien as possible candidates, each with ties to the Patriots (and meeting the criteria to call plays for NFL offenses). ).

As far as Jones was concerned, he had clear control.

“I want to be specific about the difference between last year’s Mc Jones and this year’s. It is connected with an exclamation mark and a question mark,” said Orlovsky. “Last year, Mac got the exclamation mark ‘why.’ “I know why we’re putting on this show!” Because that’s how we want to attack that person or defense, or we know it very well.

“This year he asked why with a question mark,” Orlovsky continued. “What do we call this room?” Why do we do it this way? »

In other words, Orlovsky believes an experienced offensive coordinator will allow Jones to re-embrace the team’s offensive philosophy instead of criticizing it.

“The truth is, every great offense has to live in a world of exclamation points,” he said, calling O’Brien “a very good, smart offensive mind.”

“If they want Mac to play the way I think he’s going to play, a very good quarterback in the NFL, that should be the backbone of the Nova Scotia offense. England with Mc Jones. The truth is, like all quarterbacks, he’s a significantly better player in the play-action world.

Anecdote: When Bill Belichick joined the Patriots after his tenure as the Browns’ head coach ended in 1996, he was listed as an assistant head coach and secondary coach as the defensive coordinator position was filled. Who was the Patriots defensive coordinator that year?

(Answer below).

Hint: He then replaced Belichick as the Jets’ head coach during the 2000 season.

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