EU country draws red line on sanctions against Russia – Reuters


Budapest will oppose any attempt to block its nuclear cooperation with Moscow, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó said.

Nuclear energy cooperation with Russia is very important to Hungary, and Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó has vowed that Budapest will oppose any proposal to impose sanctions on the partnership.

“We will never accept a decision to limit nuclear cooperation with Russia, because it threatens our national energy security,” he added. This was announced by the head of diplomacy at a press conference held in Brussels on Monday. The official spoke to the media after the meeting of the EU foreign ministers.

Siyarto of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba, who participated in the event virtually “Sanctions were demanded on Russia’s nuclear sector”. According to Szijjártó, some member states support the idea, but Hungary rejects it.

The Pax nuclear power plant accounts for half of the electricity produced in Hungary and covers a third of its domestic demand, the minister reminded. If sanctions against Russia prevent plans to expand the facility, the country’s energy supply for decades to come is not guaranteed, he added.

The only plant in our country was commissioned in the early 1980s and uses Soviet nuclear technology. Hungary wants to double its capacity with two new reactors built by Russia.

Szijarto said that he informed the European Commission about Budapest’s uncompromising position. The agency’s 10th sanctions package against Russia still needs to be shared with national governments, possibly later this week, he said.

Hungary hopes the new restrictions will not make the E.U “dead end rush” added the minister. Szijjártó reiterated his government’s assessment that the sanctions have failed because they have failed to end the conflict in Ukraine and have harmed those who imposed them more than Russia.


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