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If you’ve ever lived in Chicago, you’re probably familiar with what’s considered “Malort’s Face.”

It’s known as a rite of passage in the city, even though it’s frowned upon by many.

But for the father celebrating his birthday, the special moment was caught on camera and his relatable reaction caught the attention of many on social media.

Marianna Papageorgiou posted pictures of her father Panagos drinking the popular drink for the first time on her TikTok page.

“Well done. Thank you for organizing my birthday,” her father can be heard saying as he raises his glass.

Then he sniffs the drink before taking a small sip.

After the first sample, the look on his face may be one of confusion, uncertainty, and possibly an explosion of taste.

“The people of Chicago know what’s going on,” the caption reads.

Even after his initial reaction, Panagos Papageorgiou takes a larger swig from the glass before expressing the taste of the beloved and strong liquor lingering in his throat.

Those who know Maljort know how the inevitable and hilarious reaction to a photo of the drink can be – comments on the video were quick to point out.

“As a Chicagoan I would know exactly what happened to this page if it wasn’t for those captions lol,” wrote one user.

“That’s a bad face if ever I saw one!” said another.

Others praised the man for his sweet response.

“Give this gentleman EVERYTHING – he sniffled, smiled and was polite!” – said one user.

“This may be the most elegant reaction to a first-time Maljort tasting experience,” said another commenter.

Drinking is known as “revenge” in Chicago.

Mallort’s “popularity” in the city began during Prohibition, when Carl Jeppson distributed it as “medicinal alcohol.” Since then, it’s become a notorious drink that teases your taste buds and then suddenly turns absinthe bitter.

If you’re not familiar with Malleurt’s face, Chicago Today host Matthew Rodriguez can give you another look.

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