Everyone’s front will propose to MPs an urgent procedure for conducting a political trial against the Supreme Court


Chamber of Deputies

Frente de Todos MPs and a good portion of the opposition are on vacation. Some are in their own provinces, and others are on the Atlantic coast. However, since the festive greetings, inactive WhatsApp groups have started to revive.

Notification of order impeachment members Supreme court On behalf of the national executive, justice mobilized the blocs, especially the legislators who formed the Committee of Impeachment. everyone starts Describe your strategies.

Frente de Todos has 16 deputies in the Commission caters to the simple majority. Among these legislators are several heavyweights within the bloc, viz German Martinez -chairman-, Leopard MoroHugo Jaski, Vanessa Saili, Rodolfo Tahiladcamporist Marcos Clery and, of course, the president of the commission, Caroline Gaillard.

Alberto Fernández with Herman Martinez at Casa Rosada

“We are waiting for an official document. Our goal is to do good work all that Article 90 of the regulation allowsso we will be jealous of its use,” said a senior source in the block.

The first order from Casa Rosada arrived before the document. The executive branch has notified lawmakers that they want it process “final” and this shall not be extended for “more than four months”.

The regulations stipulate that the process will have a 60-day commission period and include the option to initiate a brief after allowing the appeal to be considered. witness call, a request for information from federal judges, a request to order a judge to listen to telephone conversations and statements from defendants and various witnesses. Deputies after receiving the opinion They will try to get him to the complex as soon as possible To fulfill the request of Balcarce 50.

At FdT, they understand that the Commission is the stage for developing not only the arguments that drive the trial, but also the actions and outcome thereof. It can serve to add commandments in the enclosure. “If we do a good job in the commission, understand the purpose and understand where our criticism is directed, we will establish the basis and we will gradually come to terms with the work of the commission,” he elaborated.

As for the parliamentary strategy, the ruling party has begun to clarify it and believes that it should be understood as a political trial. “Political behavior is appreciated; the criminal or criminal elements revert to the political assessment. Impeachment takes the criminal elements and turns it into a political assessment of what enforcement is.”

On the side of “Together for Change” there are also “heavyweights” of the parliamentary structure. He is the deputy chairman of the commission Juan Manuel Lopezhe is the president of the Civil Coalition block; Mario NegriUCR Block Chief, Omar de MarchiÁlvaro González, First Vice-President of the Chamber and leader of the campaign of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in the interior of the country, as well as Larretista, Carla Carrizo from Evolution, “lilita” Paula Oliveto and PRO’s benchmark for judicial issues, Pablo Tonelli.

Juan Manuel Lopez, Mario Negri and Christian Ritondo
Juan Manuel Lopez, Mario Negri and Christian Ritondo

“We start talking. Many MPs are on vacation, so they are communicating via chat for now start to define what the strategy will be. We will wait until they call the commission,” the source explained.

What they expect in PvC is FdT moving pieces find out if they are going on a date members Court or the Minister of Justice of Buenos Aires on leave, Marcelo D’Alessandro.

A person who has already defined his position for the Commission is an “absentee”, an MP who does not belong to the “Together for Change” bloc or the Frente de Todos. President of the Federal Block, Alejandro “Topo” Rodriguez.

Juan Carlos Maceda, Horacio Rosatti, Carlos Rosencrantz and Ricardo Lorenzatti, Members of the Supreme Court
Juan Carlos Maceda, Horacio Rosatti, Carlos Rosencrantz and Ricardo Lorenzatti, Members of the Supreme Court

“Four months ago, I was the only opponent of the Commission against impeachment President Alberto Fernández for considering that the basis of the accusation is not solid. Now I do the same. The foundations are weak and It intends to use an extreme resource, such as impeachment, to reduce politicsr,” said the lawmaker information.

His vote leaves the opposition close to defeating the initiative as they add up to a total of 15 negative votes. However, the ruling party has secured the votes of 16 members of its bloc, so it is expected that the impeachment bill will be ready to be taken to the venue within 60 days.

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