EXCLUSIVE: Dragon Ball Super cast reveal Gamma 1 and 2 are far from normal Androids


The cast of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero reveals in an exclusive interview what makes the two new Android characters, Gamma 1 and 2, so great.

There are countless terrifying androids throughout the Dragon Ball franchise, with two new robot characters being added in the latest feature film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are both creations of the semi-evil Dr. Hed, created as the next generation of Androids that the Red Ribbon Army hopes to use to take over the world after Cell’s demise.

HITC was lucky enough to get a chance to speak with Aleks Le and Zeno Robinson, the voice actors for Gamma 1 and 2, to shed some light on why these two new characters aren’t just your typical Dragon Ball Androids.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero | official trailer



Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero | official trailer






Gamma 1 and 2 aren’t just your typical Dragon Ball Androids

Aleks Le, who plays Gamma 1 in the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, explained how the two Androids are unique to the franchise: “Even down to the point of their visual design, I thought it was a very unique look that we’ve seen so far they didn’t have I haven’t seen for a long time only to get characters that seem to come out of nowhere.’

“I thought it was interesting to introduce them in this method because I think as an audience member it invites a lot more mystery and intrigue, to understand these guys and their philosophy and why they are the way they are. So for me it was definitely [laughing] really cool to see.” – Aleks Le, via press event.

Gamma 2’s voice, Zeno Robinson, would add, “I agree, I think a lot of the times we’ve seen the previous Androids, they’re a little bit more inclined, especially in their first appearance, they’re villainous in nature. .”

Robinson would then say that these are two “clearly people you don’t want to mess with. [Androids] they used to be soulless eyes and these two, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, have more flamboyant personalities.’

“Their personalities are very theatrical and bombastic, although as Gamma 1 is more theatrical and bombastic. [than] on the stoic side, but they’re already introduced as superheroes even though they’re the villains of the movie. They have these hearts that are set on justice that immediately separates them from the more evil or sweet natures of the previous Androids we’ve seen.” – Zeno Robinson, via press event.

What are the differences between Gamma 1 and Gamma 2?

“Well, Gamma 2 is much more open. [laughing] and I feel like because their theme is superheroes, they lean on both sides of what a superhero needs to be,” says Le.

“Gamma 2 is really focused on the presentation and how the hero would look like fancy cool poses or, let’s say cool simple and Gamma 1 is more on the back end where it’s like, the analytical side and understanding your enemy and learning fight or make sure you cover all your tracks so the villains can’t get away. So both are basically two sides of the same coin.” – Aleks Le, via press event

“Where Gamma 2 elevates Gamma 1 in a way that brings Gamma 2 out of her shell a little bit, a little bit of the seriousness of what it means to be a hero,” Robinson explains. “Gamma 1 very much grounds Gamma 2 in the hero’s reality. It’s not always about flashy poses – sometimes you’ve got to get the job done, you’ve got to do justice.”

“That’s the balancing act the two of them play, with Gamma 2’s boisterous and playful nature and Gamma 1 being more stoic and reserved, but I think he’s very noble in nature.” – Zeno Robinson, via press event.

Collaboration on Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The duo revealed that the two “have been close friends for a long time” and “always wanted to be in something together when we’re not…”Fighting Together, Enemies” [interjects Robinson whilst laughing].

Le shared how, “It was an interesting process because until the audition itself, we got to audition with each other, which is basically unheard of in any kind of voice acting medium – especially in anime.”

The voice actor then added that “That dynamic was so much fun and just being able to share it with him in the booth on the day of the recording, being there together was like something very unique.”

“I also think that Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are a reflection of our personality [and that] advanced to 10/10. So it was really easy, I think, for each of us to kind of lean into these things within ourselves. Then we had the added benefit of being able to record together, we could just pop in when we had an idea or something the other did that inspired us.” – Zeno Robinson, via press event.

Robinson then ended the interview by revealing that the two characters became so cohesive because they were “playing off each other, giving each other ideas of what something should sound like” during filming.

“When we had the idea, we asked our great director Chris [Sabot]and he would be kind enough to let us alternate a little bit if we wanted, especially the scene with the two of them together, to make it sound more like we were both actually there.” – Zeno Robinson, via press event.

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