Fact Check: is Barbara Eden dead or alive? Death Hoax Explained


The internet received another shocking news when it emerged that Barbara Eden has died. Although we have had so many such celebrity death reports to wade through in the past few months. This time we are talking about the 90-year-old actress Barbara Eden. However, Eden fans were shocked by the news. But is she really dead?

Read ahead to learn more about Barbara Eden’s death reports on the Internet.

The Internet is receiving news of Barbara Eden’s death

Over the past few months, we’ve heard of Tom Holland, Will Smith, Snoop Dogg and many other celebrities leaving. However, they all turned out to be a deadly hoax. Meanwhile, this time on August 17, a claim emerged from YouTube channel Allan Radio that Barbara Eden had died.

This is not the first time the channel has said this about a celebrity. As before, there were reports of other celebrity deaths. Which were all fake. However, this time again comes the news of the death of Barbara Eden. He says the 90-year-old actress has died. But is it really so?

Is Barbara Eden really dead?

The lovely actress Barbara Eden is getting older. However, there is no such situation in her life that proves she is not okay. Ninety-year-old Mrs. Barbara is doing perfectly well and fulfills all her professional obligations. She was also active on her social networks.

That is why the fake news about her death that is spreading on the internet is not to be believed. She just became another victim of deadly scams. It makes one after another its goal. Thus, fans of Barbara must not believe any reports on the Internet that claim that the actress has died.

How to deal with death hoaxes on the Internet?

The Internet can be a hotbed of both real and fake news. However, none of the news comes with a tag that can let you know if it’s fake or not. Therefore, Internet users must try to find out themselves whether the news is fake or not before spreading it further.

Also if you find that any information available on the internet or social media is false. Then report it immediately to stop it from spreading. Because they can have a bad influence on others.

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