Fact Check: Is Harry Styles Gay? Twitter reacts to Nick Kroll Kiss At Venice Film Festival


Don’t Worry Darling made its debut at the Venice Film Festival 2022 on Monday, September 5, and main entertainer Harry Styles grabbed everyone’s attention after kissing his co-star, Nick Kroll. This has now sparked rumors that the singer is “gay”. Olivia Wilde’s mystery thriller ride has been causing quite a stir in recent months. Set to hit theaters worldwide on September 23rd, Don’t Worry Darling is finally set. Don’t Worry Darling received a lot of fanfare and praise at the Venice screening, yet fans can’t stop stopping Harry Styles’ second lock-lips with Nick Kroll.

Olivia Wilde and the main cast of Don’t Worry Darling were on hand at the Venice Film Festival for a screening of the film. Olivia Wilde and her film’s leading lady, Florence Pugh, have kept their distance amid reports of the feud, but were overjoyed to see the response the film received. Be that as it may, Harry Styles, who plays the role of Jack in the film, and Nick Kroll, who plays Bill, who appeared to be at their happiest since Don’t Worry Darling, received wildly energetic applause.

The video, posted on Twitter by Variety co-editor Ramin Setoodeh, shows Harry Styles passionately kissing Nick Kroll. The 16-second clip features entertainers Florence and Gemma Chan strolling linked at the hips as the group cheers and celebrates with chills. The Love of My Life singer is seen walking up to Nick and allegedly grabbing his cheek in the heat of the moment before kissing him. The group can be heard screaming in shock as the two entertainers embrace.

Harry Styles is ‘GAY’ Rumors are back after singer kisses Nick Kroll at Venice Film Festival

Don’t Fear Darling debuted at the 2022 Venice Film Festival on Monday, September 5, and lead entertainer Harry Types took the gift after kissing his co-star, Nick Kroll. This has now reignited rumors that the artist is “gay”. Twitter users had a lot to say about how the kissing video became famous online. The video has revived “Harry Styles is gay” rumors for the 100th time on the Internet. Harry Styles will have more men kissing chemistry all the time. Look at the way he grabs their face. Who is he? Gay?! one Twitter user wrote.

However, Harry Styles staring at Nick Kroll’s lips did not stay by Olivia Wilde’s side. Harry, your gay is showing, said another. Another user commented: Why is Harry Styles trying to gay-off with Bad Bunny. However, a few others had a more reasonable reaction to the kissing video. Kissing once doesn’t make you gay. We shouldn’t perpetuate this mindset, one Twitter user said. Until he says he will, he isn’t. You all just keep tripping over yourselves and making it so natural, another user posted.

The mystery thriller is Olivia Wilde’s second film as a director. The 38-year-old also directed the critically acclaimed Booksmart in 2019, starring Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever. The screening at the Venice Film Festival was attended by Olivia and the main actors of the film. The director was sitting near Chris Pine who was sitting near Harry and Gemma. The mystery thriller received a thunderous five-minute standing ovation at the end, leaving the actors and their director Olivia Wilde absolutely blown away.

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