Fact Check: Is Trisha Paytas Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Explained


The news of Trisha Paytas death recently took the internet by storm as her fans were saddened, a post came across this viral news. This is not the first time that the news of the death of a celebrity has started to spread. As in the past few months, the internet has been receiving such celebrity death news in a big way. But this time it is Trisha Paytas whose death news shocked everyone. Is she really dead in 2022?

Read ahead to know more about Trisha Paytas death news that went viral.

News of the death of Trisha Paytas has surfaced on the internet

In the past few months, news of Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, Tom Holland and many other deaths have hit the internet. However, none of them turned out to be true. Because there were some fake posts and channels spreading such news among the netizens. This time, however, it was the death of Trisha Paytas.

Recently, news of the death of Trisha Paytas was doing the rounds on the internet. Trish fans were shocked when they found out. But they soon came to know about the authenticity of the news as fans have heard several fake news about the celebrity’s death in the past.

Trisha Paytas
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Is Trisha Paytas Really Dead in 2022?

Well, for everyone who still believes that Trisha Paytas is dead. The truth is, she’s not dead. Trisha is perfectly fine and healthy. In fact, she is currently expecting her first child and is eagerly waiting to embrace motherhood.

Famous YouTuber Trisha Paytas has fallen victim to a deadly scam. Like before, several others fell victim to deadly internet hoaxes that shocked their fans. However, it is necessary to verify the authenticity of the facts that are spreading like viruses about the celebrity.

How to deal with fake news and deadly hoaxes on the Internet?

Well, we can come across several fake news on the internet which are often spread by virus. Fake news usually spreads faster than real news. However, we need to check the authenticity of the messages once before passing them on to someone else.

Because not only does it affect the person it spreads about. But it also affects their loved ones and supporters. Therefore, after you come across any fake news, especially fake death news, you must report it immediately. Because it will stop the spread of such fake news.

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