Fans are shocked over Cardi B’ new face tattoo


Cardi B recently surprised her fans when she followed in Drake’s footsteps and got her face painted

Here’s everything you need to know.

Cardi B has a new tattoo on her face

Tattoo artist Robinson De Los Santos took to social media on August 14 to reveal that he is drawing Cardi B’s face.

The rapper is seen lying on a table while Santos tags Cardi B with red jaw ink.

He previewed the clip with a Spanish subtitle that translates to English as “Cardi B’s work today.”

The wap singer’s new tattoo remains unknown for now. In addition, the meaning of ink is also unclear.

However, based on the video, many are speculating that the tattoo contains a collection of letters. The speculation comes after the 29-year-old singer shared a photo of herself with her tattooist, believed to have been taken after the deed was done.

Meanwhile, Cardi B has already tattooed her husband Offset’s name on the back of her leg. In addition, the Clout singer got his wife’s name tattooed on his neck.

Fans are reacting to Cardi B’s new face tattoo

The internet seems to be divided over the latest addition to Cardi B’s long list of tattoos. Many fans took to social media to express their feelings when the video was posted online.

Unsurprisingly, most of Cardi B’s fans weren’t impressed with her new look. They began to wonder why the artist Bodak Yellow decided to smear her face with ink from every place on her body she could put it.

One user tweeted: “Not on faceeee.”

Another claimed: “Face tattoos are a capital L.”

However, some users came to the mother-of-two’s defense. They pointed out that it was up to her to decide what she did with her body.

A fan wrote: ‘And you all judge her you don’t make a damn difference it’s her body so be great.’

While someone added: “If you ask me I’d say no but if it makes her happy then that’s all I need.”

cardi b

Meanwhile, others expressed their excitement over the Grammy Award-winning artist’s new tattoo. He believes a new song from Cardi B could be coming out soon.

One user shared: “Oh, it’s about to go down.”

Additionally, another mentioned, “Whenever Cardi gets a piercing or a tattoo, we get music. Get your coins ready. My sister relieves stress.’


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