Farah Nasser Canadian Online News Anchor Swallowed a Fly on Air Viral Video


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Canadian news anchor Farah Nasser has become a trending topic on the internet. Well, the presenter allegedly swallowed a fly mid-air while delivering a live TV segment on Pakistan. The video of the incident went viral on social media and gained the attention of netizens. While many have a good laugh about it, a few people even praise her professionalism as she continued to report even after the fly flew right into her mouth. Find out exactly what happened in the article below.

Canadian news anchor Farah Nasser

Being a TV host isn’t all about reading lines off a teleprompter as they are tested over and over again by awkward situations. Nasser, however, was having none of it as she read the room, not letting the attention dwell on what she described as a very first-world problem alongside the story she was telling. The presenter reported, “Pakistan has never seen an uninterrupted monsoon cycle like this. Eight weeks of continuous torrential rain. A national emergency has been declared…” was the moment a fly flew into her mouth and she choked.

But Farah Nasser didn’t let the fly affect her and continued reporting after a short pause. Even though her voice broke a little, she didn’t stop reporting and now her professionalism is being noticed by people all around. Farah Nasser posted a video of the said incident on Twitter along with a caption saying she was sharing it because everyone needs a laugh these days. “Turns out I swallowed a fly in the air today,” the anchor added.

In an interview about the same, she said that she saw a fly flying around at the beginning of the news and that she was like no today, fly, away, adding that she doesn’t let it distract her. When Farah was asked if she had actually swallowed the insect, she revealed that she had not swallowed the fly, but had actually thrown it aside as she had to finish the next paragraph. This is not the first time something like this has happened to a reporter as he has also witnessed many incidents in the past. Follow our site for more such updates and latest news from around the world.


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