Female rapper says she will vote for Trump because she believes ‘you absolutely need guns’

American rapper Azealia Banks said she believes getting canceled makes you “cool” and expressed support for the Second Amendment during an interview with The Standard

The 32-year-old, who has been known to make some controversial statements and at times has feuded with other celebrities, explained that as the new technocratic class takes over, and they accrue wreath, it serves as a stark contrast to “what that wealth will actually be worth in the event of a nuclear fallout, or a meteor hitting earth.” This, she argued, means “you absolutely need guns.”

Banks moved from Los Anfeles to Miami in 2021 and said she feels “way safer” in a state where “everyone carries a gun.” Because of that, she said she will be voting for Trump in 2024.

She also discussed the culture war and the influence of big tech, emphasizing the importance of freedom of speech. 

For Banks, the journey out of the culture war is a journey out of big tech, and towards a world where something like freedom of speech is no longer politicized. She mentioned former President Trump as an example of someone who says and does what they want. 

“He’s just f—— funnyyyy,” she said. “He’s been through how many bankruptcies? How many wives? How many television shows? Seriously, nothing can take him down?”

She also told the Standard that free speech has only ever been afforded to “White men,” but her language, according to Banks, means she is “the biggest f—ing White d–k in the world.” 

In addition, she thanked Gen Z for promoting cancel culture, calling it her “biggest f—ing blessing.”

“If you don’t get canceled you’re not, like, cool,” but she did say there is a tipping point where “shock culture” moves “into stupidity,” adding that sometimes “you deserve to reap what you sow.”

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