Finnish PM takes drug test after partying scandal


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Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin holds a press conference in Helsinki, Finland, on August 19, 2022, after videos of her partying and leaking on social media sparked criticism. — AFP

HELSINKI: Finland’s prime minister said on Friday she had submitted to a drug test and reiterated she had never taken narcotics after a video of the 36-year-old’s party drew criticism.

A leaked video showing Sanna Marin dancing and celebrating with a group of friends and celebrities has been widely shared on social media and local media.

Some have interpreted party-goers’ comments they heard on the video as a reference to narcotics, which has been hotly debated on social media and strongly denied by the prime minister.

“To clear up all suspicions, I took a drug test today,” she told reporters at her residence.

Marin previously stated that she was “having an evening with friends” and that the videos were “filmed in private spaces”.

She admitted that she had been drinking alcohol. In addition to denying that she had taken drugs, she said that she did not witness drug use by any of the participants.

“I’ve never done any drugs in my life, even in my youth,” she said Friday.

Some criticized Marina’s behavior in the video as unbecoming of a prime minister, while others defended her right to enjoy a private event with friends.

Much of the criticism centered around the fact that she was serving as Prime Minister at the time.

There were questions about whether she would be able to make the right decisions in the event of a sudden crisis.

“My ability to function was good. I didn’t expect to have any meetings,” Marin said.

Marin has the support of his party, and Antti Lindtman, head of the Social Democratic Party’s caucus, told the media that he “doesn’t see any fundamental problem with dancing at a private event with friends”.

Marin, who was appointed in 2019 at the age of 34, has previously come under fire for parties at her official residence.

In December 2021, she came under constant criticism after it was revealed that she had been dancing until the wee hours despite being exposed to Covid-19.

A poll commissioned by Finnish television station MTV3 at the time found that two-thirds of respondents thought her night was a “serious mistake”.


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