Florida Hurricane memes flood Twitter as tropical storm worsens


A tropical storm is expected to hit Florida like a hurricane, and memes are flooding Twitter.

On Friday (Sept. 23), Florida’s governor declared a state of emergency for 24 counties as the threat of an incoming hurricane escalates.

“This storm has the potential to strengthen into a major hurricane and we encourage all Floridians to prepare,” said Ron DeSantis.

The storm, which has been named Ian, formed over the Caribbean Sea on Friday evening and has the potential to strengthen and become a major hurricane in the coming days.

As always, people are reacting to a possible meme hurricane. Here are some of the best from Twitter…

Dahmer- Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer | Official Trailer 1 | Netflix



Dahmer- Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer | Official Trailer 1 | Netflix






Twitter memes flooded with Florida hurricanes

How not to lose your trampoline in a hurricane:

Public when a meteorologist deploys a hurricane cone:

It’s that time of year again:

Everyone is already panic shopping:

It’s a tough task:

Hurricane Preparedness:

This is how we all feel:

Line at Costco:

Hurricane Categories:

What we really need to know:


Here it is again:

Everyone is used to:

When you find out you have a hurricane:

So funny:

Great, just great:

So funny:

Florida when they say a hurricane is coming:

Storm Elsa memes went viral last year

Last July, Florida was hit by a huge tropical storm called Elsa, and funny Frozen memes went viral with people comparing them to Disney princesses.

Live footage of the tropical storm as it makes landfall in Florida:

This is what the weather forecast looked like:

The storm sounded a bit like this:

Tropical Storm Elsa:

Only blizzards should be named Elsa:

Elsa took Florida by storm:

It’s time to let her go:

Tropical Storm Elsa entered the chat:

Who told Elsa she could turn into a storm:

Storm Elsa headed straight to Disney World:

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