France in partnership with CCI settled in Nantes, France Thursday, January 19, 2023


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Elizabeth Assayag will be moving to Nantes on Thursday 19 January to attend a special program at the Nantes Atlantic School of Design. One hour today was devoted to the challenges of training for companies.

France Budge Continuation of the grand tour of France made in partnership with CCI two years ago in the Pays de la Loire region. Elizabeth Assayag works with local actors on the challenges of training companies in France. He meets on this occasion Yann TrichardtCCI President Nantes Saint-Nazaire. Christian GellerinElizabeth Assayag, director of the School of Design, answers questions. Juliet Roubaud, founder of Génération Zébrée, a platform that helps young people find the right training, then shared his experience. “Pipes of the Day” is dedicated to the start-up Pépinière des Talents, which enables companies to find the perfect student or apprentice to study on the job. founding son and leader, Michel Mezardspeaking with these many guests.

Every day, Europe 1 gives voice to the citizens, companies and communities who are inventing the world of tomorrow through innovative and positive ideas. The values ​​carried by Élisabeth Assayag of France are shared by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry located throughout the territory. Traders, manufacturers, service providers… 122 The CCI network is the “trusted local network” of nearly 3.8 million businesses. Purpose: to raise the local economy.

About France’s move: France’s fifth season moves to Europe 1! Enterprises, associations, local authorities… Elizabeth Assayag daily awarded those who worked for the renewal of the economic society. This year the focus is on entrepreneurship and sharing the experiences of a great boss or big boss, a leader on the road to success or even a future business leader. Everyone will talk about their experiences at the Europe 1 microphone and share their tips and advice with beginners.

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