Gasoline prices in Mexico City on January 6


gasoline price They depend on various national and international factors, be it the price of oil, the exchange rate against the dollar, the profit margins of gas station companies, logistics costs, or even subsidies.

This causes situations The cost of petrol and diesel is constantly changing sometimes surprises users.

As a result, government agencies, for example Commission on Energy Regulation (CRE) and Office of the Federal Consumer Advocate (Profeco) They regularly report updated gasoline and diesel prices in Mexico.

The price of a liter of gasoline in Mexico City today

Before you fill up your car, check the gas prices in Mexico City on January 6 of this year. Keep in mind that fuel prices change daily, so it’s important to know the cost.

The stable gasoline prices this day has come 22,307 pesos per liter on average.

For the time being the cost of premium gasoline located today 24,813 pesos per liter on average

Finally, cost of diesel It exists 23,656 pesos per liter on average.

Prices reported online by permit holders in accordance with the obligation set forth in Energy Regulatory Commission Agreement No. А/041/2018.

Gasoline prices vary daily. (Archive)

Which station is cheaper?

Market-regulated fuel prices vary not only by institution and municipality, but also by season.

For advice low cost of gasoline at the gas station In real time, CRE has the following official link – the highest regulatory body in the energy sector in Mexico, where you can access more information on this and this issue, only entering the institution and city where you live.

The prophecy There is also a website for that provide updated information about VAT selling petrol and diesel at the highest and lowest prices across the country.

The Profeco page is called “.Who’s who in gasoline“, which is compiled from those reports BELIEVE about selling gasoline and diesel to the public. Click the following link to access.

Other Profeco services are app liter x literAvailable on iOS and Android, where users can identify gas stations they sell full liters compare gasoline prices, submit complaints and warnings.

Several factors affect fuel prices. (Archive)

How is the price of gasoline determined?

Gasoline prices in Mexico can vary depending on various factors, e.g reference costs, taxes and logistics.

The The reference value is based on the international price of oilsince it is priced in world dollars, the average cost of gasoline is adjusted relative to the exchange rate between the dollar and the peso.

Impact of the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic international fuel oil prices when hydrocarbons have fallen to historic levelsthis enabled gasoline registers very low costsuntil the price of “black gold” and its derivatives stabilizes.

The same thing happened, but in reverse, in the first semester of 2022, when international oil prices have soared and with it the cost of fuel around the world.

However, there were countries that were less affected by the various measures, such as Mexico, where government subsidies kept gasoline prices relatively stable.

This subsidy is an incentive Excise duty on production and services (IEPS) Federal, which directly affects fuel prices and is determined by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

The Costs may also vary due to logistical reasons, i.e. transportation and storage, When transporting refined oil and gasoline by tanker or ship, costs increase if fuel prices rise.

Other factors affecting gasoline prices are listed by geographic location.

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