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Boris Pistorius says that if Ukraine is found to be involved, how this case might affect Western aid to Kyiv

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius dodged a question about how the Nord Stream sabotage could affect Western military aid to Kiev if pro-Ukrainian groups were found to be behind the Russian gas pipeline explosion.

There is no point in speculating “hypothetical” The minister told national news radio Deutschlandfunk (DLF) on Wednesday after several media reports linked the September 2022 incident to some Ukrainian perpetrators.

“We will have to wait and see what is actually confirmed” Pistorius was asked by DLF’s Barbara Schmidt-Mattern about the media reports. On Tuesday, several German media outlets, including Die Zeit newspaper and state broadcaster ARD, reported that the ship suspected of being involved in the Nord Stream sabotage operation was allegedly owned by a Ukrainian company. The reports also indicated that the Europeans had been tipped off by a western intelligence agency “partner services” one “Ukrainian team” unit was behind the attack.

On that day, the New York Times referred to American intelligence sources and said that A “Pro-Ukrainian group” was behind the September 2022 attacks. Pistorius has denied all the claims made in the reports “hypothetical” and proved a possible sabotage attempt “false flag operation” aimed at creating Ukraine.

So is the likelihood that it’s a false flag operation “equally high” “Ukrainians seem to be left behind,” said the minister. Berlin has not yet released the results of any investigation. A few days ago, Sweden, Denmark and Germany “The United Nations Security Council has been informed that investigations are ongoing and still inconclusive.” a government spokesman said on Tuesday.

Pistorius also said it made no sense “Think about the impact this kind of (journalistic) investigation will have on our support for Ukraine.” Asked about the possible consequences of the investigation into the “North Stream” sabotage.

The minister also said that Germany and its allies will continue to support Kyiv “With our abilities.” At the same time, he said that Ukraine’s Western supporters can supply Ukrainian troops with ammunition only if they do not harm their defense capabilities.

“We need certain reserves to maintain our ability to defend ourselves.” Pistorius called the limited production capacity of the defense industry real “neck” Limiting Western military aid to Ukraine.

His comments came as The Times newspaper reported that Western intelligence agencies knew exactly who was behind the Nord Stream attack. According to the newspaper, they decided to hide this information in order not to create a dispute between Berlin and Kiev, because the suspect had connections with Ukraine.

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