Google’s ChatGPT rival hits a massive delay

If you were hoping to get a look at Google’s ChatGPT rival this year, I’ve got some disappointing news. The upcoming release of Google Gemini, which was rumored to be released this month, is delayed. According to The Information, the ChatGPT rival created by Google Brain and Google DeepMind will now launch sometime in early 2024.

Google has struggled to catch up to the hype surrounding ChatGPT and other language models like it. Despite having its hand in 90 percent of the tech industry’s various sectors, and even offering some great AI features on its new smartphones, Google’s ChatGPT rival has had a hard time keeping up with everything OpenAI is doing with GPT-4.

Now, OpenAI’s lead seems to be growing, especially since Google’s ChatGPT rival won’t even be available to developers until sometime next year. While Google has released Bard to the public, Bard is more like ChatGPT-lite. Gemini will be the company’s big hitter.

And if current reports are correct, Google Gemini’s delay will see it released sometime in early 2024. But exactly how early is unclear. Early could mean January, or it could mean as far out as March or April. And with OpenAI constantly evolving ChatGPT, every month that Gemini isn’t out is a month that Google will have to make up somewhere else.

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Of course, Google isn’t the only one that will struggle to keep up with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. As the most hyped-up language model on the planet right now, ChatGPT is growing exponentially every day. OpenAI recently had to shut off ChatGPT Plus signups because it’s overwhelmed the servers, and the company just recently released tools that let you create your own version of ChatGPT.

Additionally, OpenAI now allows users to upload entire 300-page books onto the chatbot, and it will even launch a GPT store at the end of November. That means this Google Gemini delay is going to lengthen the gap between Google and OpenAI even more. All that we can do now is wait and see if Google has the power to make up that lost distance, or if Gemini falls behind before it even launches.

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