Governor Sanders has ordered the removal of “Latino” from Arkansas state documents


On her first day in office, Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-AK) signed an executive order requiring state agencies to replace the leftist term “Latino” in official documents with the traditional terms “Latino” or “Hispanic.” .

“State offices, departments and agencies” must review their official records for singular and plural use of “Latin” and “provide a written report to the governor of the results of their review,” the order states. All state entities may replace genderless terms with “Hispanic,” gendered “Latina,” or gendered “Latina” or their plurals within 60 days.

Because Spanish is structurally gendered, Sanders’ prescription notes that one “can no more remove gender from Spanish and other Romance languages ​​than one can remove vowels and English verbs.”

The order also states: “There is no place for ethnically insensitive and discriminatory language in official government documents or in the posts of government officials.”

Several polls, including a Pew Research poll cited in the order, show that most Hispanics prefer Latin, Latina, or traditional Spanish words. In a survey released early last year for Americano Media by ICR-Miami, only 1.7% of Latinos said they use the term to identify themselves. Conversely, more than 60% said they used the term “Hispanic,” and nearly 3 in 10 used the term “Latino.”

In December 2021, another poll conducted by Democratic strategists Bendixen & Amandi International found that 40% of Hispanics found the term embarrassing or offensive, while only 2% of the community used the word.

Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi told Politico at the time that “using the Latin script is a violation of the political Hippocratic Oath, which is not to harm elections in the first place.”

“Why do we use a word that only 2% likes but offends 40% of the voters we want to win?” he thought.

Sanders’ order to remove the “Latin script” from government documents was one of several executive orders he issued on Tuesday. As Axios notes, he also halted the hiring and promotion of state employees and signed an executive order “banning the teaching and critical race theory in schools,” among other actions.

The CRT “contradicts traditional American values ​​of fairness, equality, and justice,” the order said. “It emphasizes skin color as the primary human quality, thereby reviving the segregationist values ​​that America fought so hard to abandon.”

He adds that in accordance with the Sanders administration’s policy, “CRT, discrimination and indoctrination have no place in Arkansas classrooms.”

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