Hannity tries to help Marjorie Taylor Green get over her split



Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) is not known for her nuance. It was never a problem for him; on the contrary. His political career is ready to say anything that sounds like Donald Trump and shrug at the consequences. It served him well in a Republican district.

But now Green’s aspirations have changed somewhat. He’s had a taste of the power that comes with elected office — in the last Congress, Democrats had a majority in the House, and barring him from committee assignments was off the table. Somewhat unexpectedly, Green is a close ally of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who worked to secure his election as House leader. This means he can’t do things like advocate breaking up the United States, as it’s currently being built with little resistance.

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No doubt he did in a few tweets last month. In them, Green asked for a “national divorce,” he has a word used before just like that.

“We need a national divorce,” he said. write February 20 on Twitter. “We need to separate red states and blue states and shrink the federal government. That’s what everyone I’ve talked to says. “We’re done,” the tweet concluded.

Except for the weird thing about cutting government that cut out 25 states, it’s not very subtle.

There was a noise. The next day, Green tried again.

“Why the left and right should consider a national divorce,” he wrote at the start of another thread on Twitter – “not a civil war, but a legal agreement to divide our ideological and political differences with states while preserving our legal union. … I think we have reached irreconcilable differences between the right and the left.

It is important to note here that “divorce” is not a legal union. That’s really the goal. You don’t get to the point of “irreconcilable differences” and you don’t get divorced…then you stay married.

At the end of the new thread, he envisioned a world where Democrats could “live in their safe space in blue states, own nothing, let their government decide and control everything, and most importantly protect their fragile minds.” to the shock and dismay of those of us on the right who believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Snowflakes in a safe space and more. and so on. But, you know, always like the United States in a way.

All of this is not a good look for a congressman who wants to be taken seriously, as Greene seems to be doing now. The political capital he had built up to defend McCarthy was now dwindling because he thought the nation should be divided into two factions—separate but equal, southern states-rights advocates might have argued. in front of him. So, it’s time to try to clean up the dirty ones.

Sean Hannity, Fox News anchor, is the new Republican establishment media standard bearer. Hannity was Trump’s staunchest ally during the previous administration and sought to protect the new Trump-centric power structure left behind by President Biden’s inauguration. Hannity’s tenure at Fox News (and his time with Trump) has given him plenty of experience in helping to shift Republican rhetoric from what it has been (e.g., embracing divisiveness) to a more useful place (away from divisiveness).

Green was a guest on his show Tuesday night. The first part of the interview focused on Green’s claim that he was publicly approached for his political views, another topic on which his views have changed in recent years. Then Gunny brought up the “national divorce.”

“Let’s talk specifically about what you want to say,” he said. “You’re not talking about separate countries or secession, are you?” »

Green thanked him for raising the issue.

“Everyone was talking about me and taking what I said and accusing me of trying to start a civil war, accusing me of separatism and all kinds of things,” he said of people who read his tweets. “What I’m talking about is shrinking the size of the federal government and giving more power and control to our states, whether they’re blue or red, to be as consistent as they want. .”

He continued to complain a little about his political opponents.

“We are tired of democratic politics. We are tired of having awakened ideology shoved down our throats. And we are tired of brainwashing our children with those ideas,” he said. “We want our safe space and we deserve it.”

Again, this makes no sense. Either there is a federal government that mediates differences between the states, or there are two separate states that agree to call themselves the United States for some reason. What does this federal government do? In Green’s tweet, he offers even the Ministry of Defense must align itself with the political world view. So what’s left?

But Gunny was not worried. He had a nice little envelope in which to place his demands, which we can assume were discussed by both parties before show time.

“You’re talking about reducing the size and power of the federal government, giving more power to the states,” he concluded. “In other words, federalism is a good thing.”

Of course, Sean. That was what he was doing.

This is where we fall into the trap of trivializing it all. It’s a sophisticated form of complaining about Democrats and seeing them as unacceptable and un-American. Green’s real gripe isn’t that Democrats are too mad at him, but that Democrats exist at all. America has a system of government that collectively accepts governance based on elections, and in 2020 the Green Party lost.

Green, in fact, likes America without New York, California or Illinois. He wants to live in a country of like-minded people; The fact that “everyone he talks to says so” about the “national divorce” shows that he is surrounded by good people. Why not make it a country?

Despite Hannity’s attempts to hide it, Green disagrees that America is a country based on collective decision-making and that those decisions are decisions that all Americans sometimes hate. Whatever he wants to call it, or whatever Fox News calls it, he wants to change America into something else.

The difference between this and advocating secession is subtle.

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