Harley Quinn make up tips to help you become Suicide Squad character at Halloween


With Halloween approaching, those who go all out for the holiday are starting to prepare their costumes. You want to walk the fine line between cool, creative and different, but without being too expensive.

So it’s no wonder that Harley Quinn is a popular costume with people – it ticks all the boxes and is pretty easy to recreate.

Not only does Harley Quinn have a very recognizable outfit that you can make yourself, but her makeup is unique and sure to wow people at any Halloween party you go to.

Let’s see how you can transform into the iconic Suicide Squad character…

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Harley Quinn makeup tips


This is the first step towards Harley Quinn’s makeup and actually a very recognizable part of the character as her base is very pale. Choose a foundation a few shades lighter and make sure you use a light powder on top to set it, you want an almost sheer look.

Heba Thorisdottir, head of makeup for The Suicide Squad, told Allure that the foundation that was actually used on set was Nars Soft Matte Complete Foundation.


Harley Quinn has a very distinctive eye make-up as each eye has a different color, hair and bomber jacket. One eye (the same side as the red pigtail) should be covered with red eye shadow, while the other side is blue. For eyeshadow, you want to apply a small amount on the lid and a lot next to the eye on the top of the cheekbones so it almost looks like it’s running down your face.

You also need to apply eyeliner… a lot to recreate the Harley Quinn heavy liner look.


Now, Harley Quinn is clearly not afraid of bright colors, so is it really surprising that she opted for bold red lips? Red lipstick is tricky because it can very easily look messy. Apply the lipstick with a small brush to apply it as precisely as possible.

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Harley Quinn face tattoo

Harley Quinn has two face tattoos that you’ll need to nail if you want to rock this Halloween. The first is a simple black heart just below her eye on the apple of her cheek. You can do it yourself in a mirror with black eyeliner – just remember to set it with force afterwards so it doesn’t rub off.

The second tattoo is the word “rotten” along her jaw. This is harder to do yourself mainly because of the font. However, you can ask a friend to help you or go online and buy a Harley Quinn temporary tattoo kit.

How to do Harley Quinn hair

If you have blonde hair, it will be easy for you to do it at home. Simply divide your hair into two sections and pull each into a side braid. Grab some store-bought (or Amazon) hair chalk and color one braid red and the other blue.

If you don’t have blonde hair, you can still dress like Harley Quinn, don’t worry. Since the costume is so popular, lots of party stores and websites sell the blonde Harley Quinn wig. Then all you have to do is stuff it on your head and you can go.

Don’t forget Harley Quinn’s bat on the way out the front door – it’s one of the most iconic things about the costume!

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