Harry Styles stops a gig after someone threw a chicken nugget on-stage


Harry Styles laughed after a fan threw a chicken nugget at him during his latest performance.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Harry Styles stops the show to address a fan who threw a chicken nugget

Harry Styles was confused when a fan threw some chicken nuggets at him during a concert over the weekend. He performed at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

Singer Golden was in the middle of his concert when several nuggets suddenly landed at his feet. In addition, the video of the incident went viral on social networks.

In the clip, the 28-year-old hitmaker knelt down to pick up the food. He asked the crowd in a confused voice, “Is that a chicken nugget?”

Styles then held up the nugget and said, “Interesting, very interesting approach.”

Then he mentioned, ‘Who threw the chicken nugget? It’s another chicken nugget,” referring to when another nugget was subsequently thrown on stage.

Moreover, the crowd that was walking went on and chanted to eat that wrapped piece of meat saying, ‘eat it, eat it’.

However, the Watermelon Sugar artiste politely declined their pleas, reminding them: ‘I don’t eat chicken, sorry. I do not eat meat.”

Styles finally addressed the person who dropped the food. He added, “There you go, you can have your nugget back.” First of all, this is winter and I suppose very old.’

He then asked them if they would like the nugget back. After the fan gave an affirmative response, Styles replied, “Do you want it back? Why?’

Regardless, he tossed the food back to the crowd and insisted, “Okay, here you go. Do not eat it.”

He further warned, “Oh, now it’s on the floor, we’re going to give you another peck, okay?” Do not worry.’

Musicians who faced similar situations

Harry Styles isn’t the only performer who’s had to deal with food-related interruptions during a show.

Most recently, Kid Cudi left the stage after the crowd started throwing water bottles at him during his performance at Rolling Loud Miami.

Meanwhile, Styles’ absence from the 2022 MTV VMAs did not go unnoticed. The British singer-songwriter was nominated in eight categories and even managed to win.

The former One Direction member is currently on his ‘Love On Tour’ and therefore missed the event.


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