Here are some strategies to protect your health and your wallet


Often, health complications only appear in old age, which is what many people experience Don’t neglect buying health insurance when you’re young. However, India has a huge youth population vulnerable to lifestyle disorders and mental health problems. According to the World Health Organization The organization reports that India accounts for at least one-fifth of all deaths from cardiovascular disease around the world, especially among young people.

In addition, more than 77 million Indians above 18 years of age living with diabetes and more than 50% of them do not know about diabetes, can lead to serious health complications. It is a long-term treatment of lifestyle diseases duration, except for permanent changes, leads to significant financial costs for an individual way of life.

Despite these risks, many young people favor buying the latest gadgets or exotics. leave to purchase health insurance. This is mostly due to lack of awareness the importance of health care financing and the benefits of purchasing health insurance early in life.

However, getting health insurance before turning 30 has many benefits, including:

Enjoy low premiums, unlimited coverage and increased sum assured

:Hhealth insurance premiums increase with age, so buy comprehensive insurance from a young age much cheaper than buying later. In addition, the likelihood of health emergencies lower in age, so insurers offer incentives such as increasing the amount guaranteed.

There is no waiting period: Every health insurer has a waiting period for pre-existing conditions, e.g thyroid, asthma and cholesterol, which can vary from a few months to a few years. as Before the age of 30, the probability of the appearance of such diseases is small, it can be easily exhausted waiting period and coverage for them if they appear later in life. Bhealth later life insurance can result in limited coverage and defeat the purpose of ownership health insurance.

Greater coverage: There are certain diseases, which are usually age-related, therefore children are less likely to get sick, which makes a holistic approach possible unlimited coverage.

Take advantage of the no-claims bonus: You can get a bonus in the form of an increase in the amount for each claim-free insurance year insured in the following year premium paid for services provided. Because among them, the possibility of filing a complaint is low young people, they can get a bonus without claiming it. If an individual accepts a policy under the age of 30 age, taking into account that the probability of the appearance of a complaint is low in the first years, we Can get up to 100% bonus, which means a person gets 2x insurance amount without additional cost.

Accidental hospitalization insurance: Medical insurance covers hospitalization in the event of an accident, can be at any age.

Mental health coverage: Success in work life can be stressful and anxiety in youth. Nowadays, health insurance plans also cover mental health counseling and helping policyholders focus on their mental well-being.

Outpatient coverage: Health insurance schemes include. procedures, DPO and carrier diseases. Maternity benefits can also be obtained through health insurance.

More options: You can choose the best plan from a wide range of health insurance options are younger, not late 40s. Different health insurance plans are available designed for the youth, and they can choose the right insurance plan according to them requirements. In addition, the probability of developing the disease in young people is low, therefore The probability of pre-existing conditions is much lower compared to the old insured.

Pre-police medical examination is not carried out: Young people without pre-existing conditions can recover their health benefit from insurance without pre-policy medical examination and thus a transparent purchase policy experience.

Welfare: Rewards policyholders who stick with today’s health insurance plans healthy diet in the form of discounts or vouchers.

Protect your hard-earned savings: The cost of medical care will increase by 10-12% every year and this trend is expected to continue due to further progress medical technology. A medical emergency can be very expensive and unhealthy quality of care must be compromised or achieved in order to guarantee it hard earned savings. Any of these situations are unreasonable and avoidable Choose an appropriate health insurance policy from a reputable insurance company.

Take care of your health thanks to annual medical check-ups: mutual insurance offer the benefits of an annual health check-up that encourages young people to seek regular health care important health check-up for early detection of health conditions.

Save tax: Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, you can avail tax benefits of up to Rs. 75,000 for premiums paid to self, spouse, children or dependent parents mode other than cash.

Company-sponsored health insurance is insufficient: Company health insurance may not be enough to meet rising medical inflation. Also, a person may be at risk being uninsured when changing or losing a job. It is better to buy personal health the insurance policy remains with the person regardless of his employment status.

In conclusion, they should consider buying health insurance when they start making money. This It’s important to get health insurance today so you can enjoy the benefits of tomorrow without the worry of quality treatment. Time and nothing waits, so instead of waiting to get old, take advantage of the many benefits to get health insurance.

– Author, Partanil Ghosh is President of HDFC ERGO General Insurance, Retail. Opinions expressed are personal.

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