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Here’s a look at the life of former Citigroup CEO John Reed.

Date of birth: February 7, 1939

Place of birth: Chicago, IL.

Birth name: John Shepard Reed

Father: name not publicly known – Armor & Company plant manager

Mother: name is not known to the public

Wedding: Cynthia “Cindy” (McCarthy) Reed (September 1994 to present); Sally (Foreman) Reed (divorced)

Children: Sally (Brigadier) Reid: Tenley, December 1974; Tefford, July 1971; Timothy, January 1968; Trachi, March 1965

Knowledge: Washington and Jefferson College, BA, 1960; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS 1961 (dual degree program); Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Sloan School of Management, Master of Science, 1965.

Military service: US Army Corps of Engineers, 1962-1964, Lt

Lived in Buenos Aires from age 5 to 17 due to his father’s work at Armor & Company.

After retiring from Citigroup, Reed and his wife founded the John and Cindy Reed Foundation, which focuses on environmental and educational efforts.

Due to the advancement of ATM adoption in the United States.

His salary as president of the New York Stock Exchange was $1 at his request.

1965 – Joined Citicorp.

1975-2003 – Member of the Philip Morris/Altria Board of Directors.

June 19, 1984 – Reed was named CEO of Citicorp.

1998 – Citicorp merged with Travelers in a $37 billion deal to become Citigroup Inc.

November 9, 1999 – Reed is testifying before the Subcommittee on Permanent Investigations of the Committee on Governmental Affairs on money laundering.

April 18, 2000 – Retired as Co-Chairman and Co-CEO of Citigroup Inc.

September 17, 2003 – New York Stock Exchange President Richard Grasso has resigned after criticism of his compensation.

September 21, 2003 – Reed was named acting chairman of the New York Stock Exchange.

2004-2008 – Acts as a member of the Altria Group Board of Directors.

April 2005 – Resigns from the presidency of the New York Stock Exchange.

February 4, 2010 – Testified before the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee on the financial crisis.

2010-2014 – He is chairman of the MIT Board of Trustees. Reed will remain an honorary board member for life.

2011 to present Member of the Board of Directors of CaixaBank.

February 16, 2016 – Elected Chairman of the Board of Boston’s Athenaeum Independent Library and Museum.

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