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As if that wasn’t a feature fit to last a lifetime, Holly has also released a collaborative track not included on the EP – a cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘Blue Moon’, recorded with Laura-May Carter of Blood Red Shoes. The pair, who are fast friends and live together, bonded over their shared love of Elvis. “The memorabilia in this house is quite insane”, Holly smiles. “We fit together really well, and really like each other’s music. We’ve been meaning to do an Elvis song together for years, and that was just one we really felt we could pull off. It has such a beautiful atmosphere, it was written in the ’20s and is a really timeless piece of music.” On the question of future collaborations, Holly rules nothing out. “I’m really excited by working with people”, she says, “I’m quite a solitary person, especially with writing, so I’m enjoying coming out of my cave sometimes and definitely want to do more.”

As ‘Time is Forever’ represents a shift in Holly’s music, so too has her live show changed. But moving away from her usual setup brings excitement rather than trepidation. “I played with Lana at Hyde Park, and that was the first time I played these songs live”, she says. “I really enjoyed it because I wasn’t behind my guitar the whole set. I’m seeing this as a whole new fresh start, I’m playing with some really great musicians and tying in new visuals. I’m making it something really new.”

‘Time is Forever’ represents something of a watershed moment for Holly and the change is palpable, although the true effect of the record will only be felt on stage. “It’s quite strange because I haven’t toured since ‘Suburban House’ came out, so it doesn’t feel real yet”, she says. “I think when I’m playing live it will feel a bit more real, but it hasn’t really changed anything yet.” With a European tour in support of Matt Maltese on the horizon, that moment can’t be far away.

In the meantime, Holly is busy with her own label, Loving Memory – through which she released ‘Time Is Forever’ – and has some new music in the pipeline already. It feels like a rich time in Holly Macve’s world, and she’s not stopping for anything. “It feels nice to be on your own timeframe”, she says, “I like that I can keep releasing things before anything becomes boring to me. It’s just about the songwriting to me: I can go in any direction I want.”

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