Hot Gift Alert: Edie Parker’s Highly Aesthetic Smoking Accessories

Listen, if you’re not having an herbal refreshment most evenings to disassociate from the current state of the world, then kudos to you, and who is your therapist? There’s no shame in unwinding with a joint (especially if cannabis is legal in your state), but there’s always room to improve your rig. If a smoking accessory isn’t nice enough to leave out on the table when guests come over, it may be time to upgrade. 

You could spend $990 on a sick vintage gold Cartier lighter, but who could afford something like that? Sadly, not us. The good news is that Edie Parker Flower makes some of the most aesthetically pleasing smoking accessories we’ve ever seen, and you won’t have to open up a new credit card (or a FeetFinder account) to afford them. We’ve written about the brand’s whimsical pipes on multiple occasions and think they make excellent gifts for design-minded stoners. After all, who doesn’t want a fried egg pipe

The best thing about Edie Parker’s shop is that there are gifts for every price point—the doob tube would make an excellent white elephant gift for just $35, and we want the Butt Stuff Ashtray so badly that we’ll probably just buy it for ourselves. 

But for sure, the pièce de résistance is the brand’s newest launch: Jello Tabletop Lighters. They’re cute, classy, and a conversation piece. They are a bit pricey, but if you have a few bands to make ‘em dance, we know a hyper-realistic art piece that’s sure to impress guests as well as spark doobies.  

Just make sure you give it to them at exactly 4:20. Whether that’s AM or PM is up to you. 

Check out the full collection at Flower by Edie Parker.

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