House Speaker Fights ‘Disaster for Republicans’


Breitbart News Editor Joel Pollack recently appeared on FOX 11 in Los Angeles to discuss the latest battle for the next Republican Speaker of Congress.

Appearing with Democratic consultant Brian Goldsmith, Joel Pollack outlined some of the grounds for opposing Republican Kevin McCarthy’s bid for House Speaker, which he won after 15 votes and several rounds of negotiations. with 20 Freedom Caucus Republicans who opposed him, the “Rebels.”

“They are dissatisfied with the formation of the party. They are upset with Washington. They don’t trust the leadership of the Republican Party, and they’re very angry about the multi-party spending bill that passed last year in the last few weeks, and that’s what they’re saying,” Pollack said, summarizing the insurgents’ motivations. They feel like no one is listening; unless they organize some revolt or rebellion, there will be no discussion.

Even so, Pollack said he disagreed that Kevin McCarthy’s run for president was the right forum to rebel against the establishment this time around because of the “conservative caucus” of House Republicans.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) leaves the chamber after the House voted to adjourn for the evening as the House convenes for a third day to elect a speaker and convene the 118th Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Jan. 5. . , 2023. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

“They’re really fighting the leaders to fight,” Pollack said. “There are no political or ideological differences between the mainstream of the Republican Party and this faction – it’s mostly about individuals. And if you want to be philanthropic, it’s a pessimism about Republican leaders.

Brian Goldsmith described the fight as more succinct than charitable, saying it “stems from the party’s entertainment wing, which is more concerned with clicks and hits and profiting from the conflict in Washington.”

As for the general implications, Pollack called the battle a “disaster” that signaled to the average voter that Republicans were not interested in ruling for a week by choosing the House speaker. instead of focusing on key issues: border security, inflation, surveillance, etc.

“The insurgents have made it much more difficult for Republicans to govern,” Pollack said. “They have weakened the Republican Caucus in Washington, and the Democrats are watching the show. Not only do they undermine Kevin McCarthy’s legislative agenda, they send a message to voters. »

“Both parties are sending a message to voters: Republicans really don’t want to govern. This is a disaster for Republicans. “The people who elected them — the voters — wanted to see action on the border, they wanted to see action on spending, they wanted to see action on inflation, but they’re not seeing any of that,” he said. – he adds.

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