How CES 2023 Dispelled My Techpocalypse Fears


It’s the last day of CES, which means extra the opening of mass televisions, super slim laptops and shape-shifting screensThe consumer tech world also wonders about the possibilities – and dystopian implications – from some foolMore futuristic steam tools introduced.

The eternal question, at least for a few years: Will CES bring horror? black mirror live?

January 2018 was the month when Google searches for the term “black mirror” peaked. Netflix just released season 4. CES came out a few days later. (And Google would ditch its unofficial “don’t be evil” slogan a few months later.) Since then, almost every facial recognition breakthrough announcement, every weird new bot, every biometric data vampire, every chat has included the specter of Black Mirror. In fact, I saw the video for the first time Find the robot dogI thought with dread, Did anyone learn from season 4 episode 5?


That year and since then, there have been many revelations at CES shiny episodes of the anthology series, which might make more sense given the average time to market, show creator and frequent writer Charlie Booker really trolls the floor himself. From CES to intrigue. Example: I discovered that the robot watchers in the Metalhead episode actually existed inspired by Boston Dynamics is a company once owned by Google, of course.

My two cents: What’s the point of the chicken-and-egg situation when the Terminator himself is speaking ironically on stage at CES?

Schwarzenegger gestures as he speaks.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage during BMW’s presentation at CES 2023.

A toilet sensor that reads your urine for health indicators? Self-standing baby carriage? BMW is… wants to be your friend? The the hottest CES products It tends to run the gamut (I’m looking at you, before you fix the problem). color changing refrigerator) “to the sign of techpocalypse”. (Remember when Samsung has created “a new kind of life”.?) The gadgets and gizmos presented at CES 2023 may give some people, Like my colleague Ian Scherr, nightmaresI sleep well according to my Fitbit.

That’s good. It’s all right

The Toast writer Daniel M. Lavery’s canonical one-line summary of Black Mirror for Pixels in 2015 was “if only there were phones, but too many”. As a true iconoclast, my answers are simple: “What if there were phones, but NOTHING? It’s all right!” 2018 was half a decade ago; “It’s like an episode of Black Mirror!” announced. like five years ago. Evil is in it! Technology is scary, but also exciting. He decides problems that no one has encounteredbut it also aims on specific issues. That’s good. It’s all right.

Call me naïve, but this whole hand thing squeaks The dangers of AI and self-driving cars The old man in the cloud meme screams.

Yes i know a bike that powers a laptop is lit-ruh-li the premise of the second episode of the show. But converting the kinetic energy generated by our drive into device charge is far from the forced labor of Black Mirror. The thing about dystopian stories—or any story, really—is that they’re all about building tension. I don’t believe that real-world product development actually follows the Freytag pyramid.

A young woman taps, pedals and smiles.

The eKinekt BD 3 bike table is powered by the power generated by your pedaling.


Is this lady protesting too much? Of course not! No way. Maybe? But living in this hyper-connected world of rapid change does something to the human brain, whose natural responses seem to be limited to succumbing to fear or burying one’s head in the sand. I can’t tell if I’m laughing so I don’t cry, or if it’s the laughing-to-cry emoji. Or the upside down smiley face emoji? Someone must be cutting onions here.

There are not too many devices connected to the Internet. Really, what else is there? The merrier the merrier. Climb up here.

Are we driving ourselves to hell with our annual product of “innovation”? Probably not, because we know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions or adverbs, not the Internet of Things.

To paraphrase Kevin McCallister, I’m not afraid anymore.

Posted by Charlie Booker in 2020 he said he wouldn’t work on another season of Black Mirror because life imitates art too much. However, two years later Whispers of Season Six began to spin. I greet the return of the third best sci-fi anthology show with the tired nod I gave at CES: Sure, I will. Because there’s no need to shout into the void or shake the first cloud when everyone else is lifting noise canceling headphones and VR headsets what ever?

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