How does Aegon Targaryen die in the House of the Dragon books?


*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for House of the Dragon*

As a prequel series set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, we know that every character in House of the Dragon is doomed to die at some point.

We may not have seen much of him yet, but Aegon Targaryen has already proven to be a controversial character as he does not take his high position seriously, regularly gets drunk and makes jokes at the expense of others, while in episode 8 we find out that he got into an argument with a serving girl. thus cementing its position as an ugly piece of work.

But after the landscape-changing events of recent episodes, what will happen to Aegon Targaryen in the House of the Dragon and how will he die in the books?

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Aegon Targaryen’s story so far in House of the Dragon

Aegon Targaryen was first introduced in the third episode of House of the Dragon when the court of King’s Landing went on a hunting trip to celebrate his second name.

Viserys and Alicent’s first son has come a long way since childhood thanks to several time jumps – the first of which saw Aegon as a teenager who enjoyed playing pranks on his brother and instead placed the blame on Rhaenyra’s children.

As Aegon grew into an adult with his sister Helaena as his wife, he continued to shirk his duties and started drinking regularly, while episode 8 saw him get into an argument with a serving girl.

Complicating matters is that Aegon has been groomed to be the next king by many at court, as they see him as a more suitable ruler than Rhaenyra, despite Viserys naming her as heir.

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Aegon has a key role so far

At the end of episode 8, King Viserys has finally died, acting as the starting gun in the race to be crowned the next ruler of Westeros.

Due to their vantage point in King’s Landing, Alicent’s Greens are able to move quickly into action and crown Aegon king before news of Viserys’ death reaches Rhaenyra.

This act ignites the Targaryen Civil War as Rhaenyra refuses to give up her claim to the Iron Throne.

The coming war takes a huge toll on Aegon, as in the books he is badly wounded at the Battle of Rook’s Rest, leaving him with a broken hip and ribs, as well as burns on the left side of his body.

After Aegon suffered such nasty injuries, his brother Aemond served as Prince Regent for a year while he recovered, using poppy seed milk and copious amounts of alcohol to numb the pain.

Later in the conflict, while at Dragonstone, Aegon was wounded again, this time breaking both his legs, leaving him unable to walk for the rest of his life.

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How will Aegon Targaryen die?

Aegon Targaryen dies when he is poisoned during the final days of the Dance of Dragons.

Despite Aegon successfully killing Rhaenyra and removing all obstacles to his rule, the Targaryen Civil War did not end as Rhaenyra’s forces remained loyal to her and continued to fight.

Their armies began to close in on the defenseless King’s Landing, with Aegon oblivious to the impending danger.

As the armies continued to advance on the capital, Lord Corlys Velaryon—who eventually sided with the Greens—begged Aegon to abdicate and join the Night’s Watch to prevent further bloodshed, but he refused.

After meeting with the small council, Aegon returned to his chambers to enjoy his customary bottle of wine. However, he had no idea that he had been poisoned and was later found dead.

The exact identities of those who poisoned the king are not revealed in the books, but those judged responsible were arrested with the main alleged conspirators including Corlys Velaryon and Larys Strong.

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House of the Dragon airs weekly on HBO in the US and Sky in the UK after premiering on August 21 and 22.

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