How I ended Up In Poverty – Homeless Ex Police Officer Who Served Nigeria For Over 20 Years Narrates


How I ended up in poverty – Homeless Ex-policeman who served in Nigeria for over 20 years tells the story #ended #Poverty #Homeless #Police #Officer #Served #Nigeria #Years #Tells Welcome to BLOG 50MIND SHere’s the latest broadcast news and trends we’ve got for you today: :

Asuqwo Edet, a homeless ex-policeman who lives on a street corner in Lagos State, has narrated how he became extremely poor to the point where he could not afford a home after serving the country for over 20 years.

Former Police Officer – Asuqwo Edet

Edet while speaking during an exclusive interview with Vanguard Online Newspaper he narrated that his ordeal started in January 1997 when he was serving under the Police Command in Obalende, Lagos State. He said he faced challenges that forced him to tender his resignation, which he did at police headquarters.

Unfortunately for Edet, before they could finish processing his resignation papers to pay him his arrears and all the earnings due to him, the police headquarters was moved from Lagos to Abuja and this caused him to start the process all over again after they claimed they could not re find its files. He said he literally spent a week looking for his file in the new office in Abuja but could not find it. This led him to reapply as directed.

After months of silence and unsuccessful efforts at the new headquarters, Edet was already losing hope when he met an old friend and colleague named Bassey Okon at the new headquarters. Mr. Bassey promised to help him follow the case and ensure he gets all the privileges he is entitled to.

With a ray of hope in his friend’s attitude, Edet re-delivered all his documents and appeared in person if necessary until, he said, his arrears were cleared with the additional funds he requested. But because they were released through Mr. Bassey, he (Mr. Bassey) blocked him and stopped communicating with him.

All efforts to reach Mr. Bassey were fruitless and every visit to his office was met with the excuse that he was either too busy to see him or some similar excuse.

Mr. Edet eventually gave up and years later got a contract security job with a company while renting an apartment in Lagos. He said it was contract work that kept him going until the contract expired and coincidentally his owner died. The owner and her son, who knew he was no longer working, fired him, but he said he was not ready to return to the village. He stayed in their house until they threatened his life.

When asked why he did not want to return home, Mr. Edet said that he had few children at home who were not doing better and that he left home because it did not suit him, so he could not find a reason. to come home empty-handed after all his years of service.

You can watch the video here.

After being thrown out of their house by the owner and her son, Edet has continued to live from one street corner to the other since 2013, hiding under an umbrella when it rains, with no job or source of income to sustain his life.

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