How my Ghanaian lover used menstrual blood to cook rice for me – Singer Chizom cries out


How my Ghanaian lover used menstrual blood to cook rice for me – singer Chizom shouts, #ghanský #milenec #menstruační #krev #vař #rýže #zpěvák #Chizom #cry Welcome to BLOG 50MIND SHere’s the latest broadcast news and trends we’ve got for you today: :

Nigerian musician Popularly known as Chisom has narrated how he returned home to surprise his Ghanaian ex-girlfriend but got the shock of his life when he caught her squeezing blood from a menstrual pad into a pot of rice, preparing for him.

Chisom said this in response to a post on Twitter about reasons why a person might stop talking to a love interest.

Chizom revealed that his ex-girlfriend later confessed to the crime but claimed that her boyfriend advised her to carry out the evil act.

Chizom tweeted:

The first time she cooked for me, she washed the blood off the menstrual pad and poured the water into the rice she was cooking for me.

I returned home to surprise her and catch her in the act.

Other commenters corroborated his story by sharing similar encounters with Ghanaian ladies.

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