Hudson Mohawke’s track Cbat is going viral for the most insane reason


The song Cbat by Hudson Mohawke is currently going viral on social media almost a decade after its original release.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Why is Hudson Mohawke’s Cbat song going viral?

A Reddit user recently claimed that Hudson Mohawke’s Cbat allegedly ruined sex with their partner.

The song is part of the 36-year-old DJ’s 2011 extended play “Satin Panthers”.

A user named u/TylerLife shared a post where he wrote how his girlfriend of two years wasn’t particularly interested in a song from his lovemaking playlist.

This post is most likely the highest level sh*tpost in the TIFU (Today IF**ked Up) community.

According to the user, his partner finds the track “weird and major diversion”. However, for him, the song ‘actually happens to be my favourite’.

The user went on to add, “I played this tune practically every time, so many times she probably didn’t enjoy it. When I thought the complete opposite was unpleasant, but also embarrassing in a way.’

He continued: “One time we had sex without music, but I kept thrusting to the tune that was playing in my head.” She [recognized] and asked me to stop.’

Furthermore, the user ended the message by saying, “I thought this song was perfect and I always hummed the tune and felt it also gave me the perfect beat to do the deed. I usually come across this song and find it devastating that they hate it.’

Social media users react to Hudson Mohawke’s Cbat

Following the viral post, many users took to several social media sites to share their views on Hudson Mohawke’s Cbat.

A Reddit user wrote: ‘That sounds like an inflatable clown falling down the stairs.’

Another user jokingly added: “I tried it on my wife for science and she asked if I hurt my head. We’re 0 for 2 in this one bud.”

In addition, one person wrote on Twitter: ‘I put this song on and my cat legitimately became uncomfortable in his bed and turned and stared at me in what I consider a mixture of shock and disgust.’

Hudson Mohawke, real name Ross Matthew Birchard, is a Scottish producer and DJ. He most recently released his third studio album titled “Cry Sugar” in August 2022.


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