Hunter Biden, China Link to Secret Documents Scandal: What to Know


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In the classic Three Days of the Condor, John Houseman played an old spy who talked about the good days after the Great War “before we knew enough to count them.” When asked if the subordinate had missed “that kind of act,” Hausman said, “No. I miss that clarity.”

Democrats may soon be making the same lament. We’ve had plenty of scandals, but after the discovery of top-secret documents from the president’s former private office, it’s clear they’ll be missed the most. With this news, Democrats have lost clarity and separation from Trump. There are clear differences between the two scandals, but those differences may be lost in the echo of Biden’s remarks about the proper handling of classified documents.

Last year, President Biden was asked by CBS’ Scott Pelley on “60 Minutes,” “When you saw the photo of the top secret documents on the floor at Mar-a-Lago, what did you think? are you looking at this picture?’

Biden seemed to be trying to control his disgust: “How could this happen, how could someone be so irresponsible. I’ve been thinking about sources and data breaking methods. .”


Washington is closely monitoring the rotation, along with analysts who have previously said Trump’s misdemeanor convictions should bar him from running for federal office again.

Again, there are differences, but we still don’t know all the facts, including whether additional classified documents were returned or whether additional documents may be in other offices. However, there are no allegations of misrepresentation or obstruction.

More surprisingly, the alternative office that was discussed after the Bidens left government could have been easier. Instead of Penn Center, their beneficial owner would be Chinese.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has once again shied away from his most difficult obligation to demonstrate complete independence from his president.

For those who followed the Biden influence scandal, one of the benefits Joe Biden received from his Chinese partners was the office he regularly used.


In 2017, Hunter Biden was asked to make keys for his new “office partners,” which listed his father, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and his brother, Jim Biden. He said he plans to share the space with Hongwen Dong, whom he called an “emissary” of President Ye Jianming – CEFC Chinese Energy Co. Chairman Hunter Biden also asked Hongwen for a set of Dong keys. The director was even asked to change the names on the front door to include Joe and Jill Biden.

This agreement appears to have been scrapped along with other aspects of the Chinese agreements. Instead, the Bidens found another source at the University of Pennsylvania to fill their office needs.

It is unclear whether any of the classified documents are related to Biden’s book and his lectures on diplomacy, raising the possibility that he may have worked on the documents on computers or discussed them with third parties. Meanwhile, they sat in the closet, easy pickings for any intelligence agency.

While the media continues to dismiss the influence-peddling investigation as a “personal” attack, in the words of NBC’s Chuck Todd over the weekend, it is more serious as a form of corruption because of the dangers associated with such access. The millions given to Hunter Biden came from a variety of foreign sources, some of which came from figures linked to foreign intelligence. This money not only gained influence, but also reached the Bidens.


Hunter himself said that foreign intelligence services used hotel rooms to steal his files. In the video, Biden is seen saying that one of his laptops was stolen by the Russians for blackmail purposes.

Aside from the media’s lack of interest in Biden’s claim, there is no word on the FBI’s investigation into whether the Bidens may have received blackmail material.

The danger of influence peddling is that it is not only a convenient conduit for corruption in Washington, but also often allows for dangerous levels of access to targeted leaders.

While the public shied away from this threat at the Chinese-funded table, it wasn’t for a lack of effort on the part of the Bidens. The question now is how the public can be sure that the FBI will be as proactive in investigating the Bidens as Trump.

Attorney General Merrick Garland knows that many citizens no longer trust the government, and his current stance only adds to that concern. Concerns are growing over a litany of political contradictions at the FBI, including calls for a new “Church Committee” to review reforms.


Meanwhile, Garland has remained unclear, refusing to appoint a special counsel to investigate Biden’s influence peddling and other issues. He did so despite the fact that the president’s son lied by denying any knowledge of foreign deals and repeatedly referred to the president receiving potential cuts or concessions from deals (including a Chinese-funded office).

Garland’s position now borders on the comic. He said he was forced to appoint a special counsel on Mar-a-Lago and other possible Trump wrongdoing after he formally became a presidential candidate in 2024. At the time, some of us pointed out that Biden was actually the president, but Garland persisted. refused to submit such a candidacy.

Biden is now being charged with the same major crime as Mar-a-Lago. While there have been no allegations of misinformation or obstruction, it’s unclear what charges will emerge. Most importantly, the illegal destruction and retention of confidential information is the same crime. However, Garland again declined to appoint a special counsel and will keep the case on DOJ’s docket.

Biden can count on any media outlet he can. People are used to it. However, Garland undermines both investigations by continuing to block the appointment of a special counsel to Biden and his family.


Biden’s revelation complicates the conversation for many in Washington, especially those who have previously argued that mere knowledge of possession warrants criminal charges. In addition to Hillary Clinton’s destruction of tens of thousands of emails and her use of unsecured private servers, Garland could create the biggest crisis of confidence in the Justice Department in decades. It depends on his supervision of these investigations.

It’s all part of Merrick Garland’s amazing downsizing. At a time when leadership is needed, Garland is again shirking his most difficult duty of demonstrating complete independence from his president by seeking full facts and full accountability in the scandal. . Otherwise, it will only increase distrust in the handling of the two scandals and in many others outside the president, and future generations may wonder “how could he be so irresponsible.”


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