Huntsville City Schools rolls out new technology for campus safety


Huntsville, Alabama (RELATED) – Huntsville City Schools (HCS) is using new technology to keep campus safe after two students from separate schools brought firearms to class last week.

The school system says it will deploy Evolv technology, described as an “excessive weapon detection system,” for an added layer of security for students and staff.

“We want students, staff and families to come to our campus with peace of mind so they can focus on our core business of teaching and learning,” said HCS Superintendent Christy Finley.

Technology available at sporting events across the country is being used interchangeably throughout the school system.

“Just as we are used to safety protocols at airports, concerts and sporting events, we use the same approach in our schools,” Finley said. “We ask families to support these efforts because the most effective gun detection happens before students even step foot on campus.”

HCS claims to be the first school district in Alabama to implement the system.

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