I Was Stoned After My Nudes Went Viral Online- Kannywood Actress, Safiyya Yusuf


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Kannywood actress, Safiyya Yusuf also known as Safara’u Kwaa Casain has narrated all she went through after her nudes went viral.

The actress accused some of her friends or close associates of being behind the publication of the pictures

In an interview with the BBC on Tuesday, Hausa said she had been through a lot after the incident and that at one point she was stoned and had to stay at home for days to avoid further attacks.

According to her, nudes on phones are a common thing that almost 70% of women use for fun

“70 percent of ladies today have these types of videos on their phones. It’s just for fun, not for social media and a lot of ladies do it,” she said

According to her, “I can’t specifically say the person who posted the video, but I just know that it must be among my friends and colleagues who took my phone. Because I was giving them my phone”

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