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MUMBAI: For the first time the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) that conducts the class 10 (ICSE) and class 12 (ISC) exams has introduced re-evaluation of answer scripts for the students from the 2024 board exams.
The re-evaluation is in addition to the existing practice of rechecking answer booklets. Only students not satisfied with the recheck results can apply for re-evaluation of those subjects only.A student cannot directly apply for re-evaluation.
Principals said students and parents have been vary of the recheck process which is restricted to examine if all the answers have been marked. Recheck also examines if there has been a mistake by the examiner in the totalling of marks for each question and if the same has been transferred onto the first cover page of the answer script.
Rechecking also looks at whether the continuation sheets attached to the answer script by the student is intact. Students pay Rs 1,000 per paper for recheck. Any error in recheck is revised.
With re-evaluation, the answer script will be re-assessed by another expert teacher. School heads said teachers will be more cautious while assessing answer papers. While a student can gain or lose marks in re-evaluation, the board is silent on whether action will be taken against teachers whose booklets were re-evaluated and scores of students changed.

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