IDF Continues to Defeat Hamas in Gaza; Palestinian Civilians Loot Abandoned Hamas Bases

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continue to win battle after battle with Hamas terrorists inside Gaza, as a widely-circulated photo on social media appeared to show soldiers from the elite Golani brigade posing at the podium of Gaza’s so-called “parliament.”

I have recently completed another situation assessment. IDF troops are working according to plan and are fulfilling their missions precisely as a result of the cooperation between air and ground forces, using precise intelligence.

Hamas isn’t capable of stopping the IDF. The IDF is advancing to every [necessary] location. The Hamas terrorist organization has lost control of Gaza, terrorists are fleeing south, civilians are looting Hamas bases, and they have no confidence in their government.

Our forces are advancing, carrying out their missions according to plan; when we increase the pressure, we see the results. Every day, we eliminate additional Hamas commanders, dozens sometimes even hundreds of terrorists.

In recent days, we have intensified activities targeting [Hamas] tunnels- this will get the terrorists out of the tunnels, and they will either be eliminated or they will surrender unconditionally; there is no third option.

We will achieve our goals, first of all, a complete victory over Hamas and the return of the hostages to their homes.

IDF casualties thus far in the invasion of Gaza have been fewer than 50 soldiers, though each loss is felt heavily by the Israeli public in a small country where many people’s lives are intertwined.

Israeli forces are closing in on key Hamas facilities, including underneath Shifa Hospital, and are eliminating Hamas commanders.

The northern border with Lebanon is a growing concern, as Breitbart News reported on Sunday, with Hezbollah firing rockets at soldiers and civilians alike on a sporadic but daily basis.

One electrical worker was killed Sunday, and over 20 wounded, by an anti-tank missile fired at civilians by Hezbollah on Sunday.

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