Infonavit: how to get a new Mejora loan and how much they can give you


The MejOra Sí loan provides a maximum amount of 139 thousand pesos for a period of 5 years (Photo: Pixabay)

IInstitute of National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) prepares the launch improvement yesA loan to help improve housing, aimed at people who currently have they do not contribute to social securityHowever, they must have funds in their subaccount.

There will be a loan the maximum amount is 139 thousand pesosthere is Fixed interest rate between 0% and 4%, which is determined by the type of financing requested. On the other hand, the payment term will be made monthly for up to 5 years, that is, The applicant will have 60 monthly payments to repay the loan.

CEO of Infonavit SCarlos Martinez VelasquezHe explained that it is money saved in the year Housing sub-account It will be a guarantee in the event of possible breach of the applicant’s death and total and permanent disability insurance.

It's for people who don't currently contribute (Photo: Pixabay)
It’s for people who don’t currently contribute (Photo: Pixabay)

Also the product Infonavit strives to advance labor equity and financial inclusion as it serves an underserved population sector. There is also obligation to implement procedures and services to beneficiaries aimed at meeting specific needs and guaranteeing their access to adequate housing.

Those interested should enter the Infonavit portal and go to the “My Account” section (, where they should familiarize themselves with their savings in the “Housing sub-account”.

The calculation of the amount that the beneficiary can request is based on the money in the Subaccount, the product of the years of social security contributions.

For independent employees who have contributed to the institute and people with temporary employment dynamics.

The Housing sub-account They are the resources that are part of your inheritance within Infonavit, the employers you worked for consist of bi-monthly contributions, which correspond to the following. 5% of your combined daily wages.

The money in the housing sub-account will serve as collateral in case the applicant defaults on payments.  Photo: Getty Images
The money in the housing sub-account will serve as collateral in case the applicant defaults on payments. Photo: Getty Images

However, they can be done Extraordinary contributionss directly, which serves to increase the Housing sub-account, which generates income to expand the possibility of buying a house by requesting a loan from Infonavit.

In order to make contributions, the beneficiary must be registered My Infonavit accountfor what you need Member Security Numberl, e-mail account, contact phone number, Federal Taxpayer Registration (RFC) and The unique key of the population registry (CURP).

after registering in the section My Infonavit account you have to go to section my collections and select an option Extraordinary contributionsit will display a menu where you can select the contribution amount to create a payment token.

With this token, you can pay using the QR code in the banking application, as well as at cashiers or smart ATMs, within the options shown in the e-mail sent to you with the payment form.

These contributions can be made by workers duly registered with Infonavit, regardless of their employment statusForms, reports and/or registered household staff whether active or inactive Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

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