Instagram users complain links in bios aren’t working


Although Instagram is the best platform for sharing images and videos, it also allows its users to increase their visibility by allowing them to add external website links to their bios.

On Monday, October 17th, several Instagram users commented on Twitter that the links in their bios were not working.

Just a day ago, some of them complained about having their accounts suspended despite not violating the community guidelines.

The case with profile links on Instagram seems to be different.

Guardian | Official Trailer | Netflix



Guardian | Official Trailer | Netflix





Links added to your Instagram bio allow other users to access personal and professional websites.

As of today, this feature seems to be broken for some users as they are unable to add URLs to their profiles. And for several others, existing links have disappeared entirely.

Typically, an app will notify its users if it doesn’t allow them to include a certain link in their profiles due to Community Guidelines.

One user he tweeted: “I can’t add links to bio. I need help asap @instagram”

“It’s just a bug across all of Instagram today. It happens with different links,” taken next.

Third user he remarked: “Instagram won’t let me add links to my account. Bro, I’m gonna cry.”

One tweet read: “Instagram removed my link in bio and won’t let me add it back. It’s very frustrating: “We’re sorry, something went wrong.”

Application designation one he wrote: “@instagram links in our bios are not working – please fix??”

At the time of writing, Instagram has yet to address the issue.

How to access a feature

You can add links to your Instagram bios in a few simple steps.

  • Tap your profile picture to go to your profile.
  • Select Edit Profile at the top of the screen, then tap Bio.
  • You can add a few lines to fill out your bio followed by the URL of any website you want to display on your profile.
  • Tap Done to finish.

You can add your pronouns to your profile in the same way. All you have to do is tap on Pronouns instead of Bio.

Possible fixes

Even if the problem seems like a temporary glitch, you can try these possible fixes:

  • Make sure the Instagram app on your device is updated to the latest version.
  • Try adding the link to your profile with an uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Clear Instagram cache if it exists.
  • Log out and log back into Instagram to verify your bio link.

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