Investing more money in the FAA has a “huge payoff.”


On Friday on Bloomberg’s “Balance of Power” show, Brian Deese, director of the White House National Economic Council, said more investment in the FAA is needed and that there is a “huge return” for the American people.

Dees said, “Over the past decade, it is clear that we have not systematically invested in the core systems and processes that have the greatest benefit in terms of safety and security for the American people. ‘economic activity. And to your question about whether we can afford it, the irony is that these types of investments pay for themselves many times over. You invest in the IRS by building the kinds of systems that allow the IRS to make sure that people—especially wealthy Americans—are actually paying their taxes, making them pay big. We reduce the deficit by generating significant returns for every dollar we invest in these programs. Same with something like the FAA system. Our nation, economy, air transport safety [of] great value for the economy. So, these are very profitable investments. In the past, we did too little. The good news is that in important areas like the IRS, we’re finally getting there and progress is being made. It would be a mistake to go back, but there are other areas where we need to move forward, the FAA being one of them.

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