is G Herbo ok? Rapper Reportedly Shot While Performing On Stage At Clark University


Sound of gunfire emitted during G Herbo’s Clark Atlanta University homecoming performance. As a recently posted TikTok video suggests, the Chicago native, 27, is seen living it up in front of an audience before the alleged shots are fired. The rapper was scheduled to perform on his way back from university when the incident occurred. In the now-viral video, the rapper can be seen performing one of his songs in front of an audience when the alleged shots rang out. The camera then pans out and you can hear the students starting to disperse. A voice is heard offstage yelling for him to stay down.

Father of three G Herbo recently shared a compilation of previous interviews in an Instagram post captioned THIS CHAPTER BOUT Monitoring UP and Responsibility!! YOU CAN NEVER BE A BOSS IF YOU THINK LIKE A LIL KID! During G Herb’s stint on The Breakfast Club last week, the Survivor’s Remorse: B Side artist discussed what it’s like to celebrate a victory while still haunted by the trauma of the past. He explained the difficulty behind it, but it’s just something he has to do. This is the remorse of the survivors. After ten years. That’s what I’m trying to say, Charlamagne. I really haven’t always been able to take credit for my accomplishments and that’s probably why I’m so humble because I don’t live in the moment, G Herbo expressed.

Rapper G Herbo reportedly shot on stage at Clark Atlanta University homecoming

G Herbo was apparently shot while performing in front of an audience at Clark University in Atlanta. According to a recently posted TikTok video, the Chicago native, 27, can be seen enjoying himself on stage before the alleged shots are fired. The camera pans down as the participants scatter. Individuals can be heard behind the scenes saying: Get down and stay down. No injuries or fatalities have been reported at this time. Clark University students claimed someone shot G Herb during the Clark Atlanta Homecoming. A video of a man allegedly taken into custody appears on the Internet. Anyway, it’s not confirmed if he was the shooter. G Herbo is an American rapper from Chicago. G Herbo is signed to Machine Entertainment Group and has released mixtapes such as Welcome to Fazoland, Gun P Venture, Ballin Like I’m Kobe and Stringently 4 My Fans. G Herb’s third studio album, PTSD, became his top ten on the Billboard 200, while his fourth album, 25, which was released in 2021, marked his first release through Republic Records.

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