Is it illegal to drive without headlights in the rain?


(WHNT) – If you’ve ever driven to work, school, or really anywhere when it’s raining, you know how difficult it can be to see the road or even other vehicles. Especially if you or someone else you’re passing doesn’t have their headlights on.

But is it against the law not to turn on your headlights when it’s raining?

The obvious time to use headlights is from sunset to sunrise, but there are several other times when the law says you must turn them on.

Alabama law states that you must turn on your headlights from one and a half hours after sunset to one and a half hours before sunrise, during periods of reduced visibility such as fog, and when your vehicle’s windshield wipers are in constant use.

Keeping your headlights on in rain, snow, or sleet not only increases your visibility while driving, but also allows other drivers to see you passing or coming up behind them. Headlights can also help you see pedestrians or unexpected hazards when visibility is poor.

Alabama law also states that you must “turn your headlights from high beam to low beam when you are within 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle or within 200 feet of an oncoming vehicle.” he will live before you.’

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