is LOONA’s Chuu suffering from eating disorder? Instagram Story Explained


LOONA’s Chuu posted an Instagram story on October 6, informing her fans that she does not suffer from an eating disorder. The explanation came after speculation in the global media revealed that the 22-year-old idol confessed to food battles at the Golden Clinic Dr. Oh. The clip was part of a trailer for the episode that was released a few hours earlier at the same time. The 22-year-old said in her story that speculation about her having an eating disorder was false. She added that she wasn’t necessarily concerned with her body before, but currently participates in several recreational activities. Additionally, LOONY’s Chuu mentioned that she would like individuals to support her rather than focus on false impressions.

Golden Clinic Dr. Oha is a show where famous psychiatrist Oh Eun-young offers advice to celebrities on both professional and personal issues. The upcoming episode #52 will feature Chuu LOONA as a guest on the show. While it looked fun and lively in the beginning, the trailer for the episode was all about the fans towards the end. Fans saw LOONY’s Chua, who is known for her bright personality, break down on the show when discussing her eating battles, especially when she was anxious. Seeing her eating cycle helped many people remember the commonly known symptoms of an eating disorder.

What is an eating disorder?

An eating disorder is a mental disorder characterized by specific eating behaviors that adversely affect an individual’s physical or mental health. Only one eating disorder problem can be analyzed at a time. Anxiety, depression, and substance abuse are normal in individuals with eating disorders. These problems exclude obesity. Individuals often experience comorbidity between an eating disorder and OCD. It is estimated that 20-60% of patients with ED have a background labeled OCD.

Reasons for disordered eating are not satisfactory, although both biological and environmental factors appear to be involved. The cultural idealization of thinness is thought to contribute to some dietary problems. People who have experienced sexual abuse are also linked to eating disorders. Several problems, such as pica and rumination disorder, are increasingly common in individuals with intellectual disabilities.

LOONA’s Chuu personally denies any rumors of an eating disorder

LOONY’s Chuu has denied any speculation that she has an eating disorder. On October 6, Chuu posted on her Instagram the story of Chuu’s eating disorder, anorexia, etc. It is absolutely false. Obviously, I had been banned from going out before and didn’t have the foggiest idea how to immediately relieve stress with my hectic class schedule. That’s why I didn’t really take care of my body and eat spicy foods. She added: I now appreciate that I work with joy through sports, leisure activities and discussions with individuals around me, so I would see value in the event that you could cheer me on, not misconceptions or stress. The hypothesis started when the preview of Loona Chuu’s appearance on ‘Oh Eun Young’s Golden Counseling Center’ aired. She said during the shoot that I eat so much that I can’t breathe. When I’m worried, I eat like that. I ate and threw up. I went to the emergency room once because my body was so stiff. I realize I shouldn’t have, but it was buying 20 minutes of happiness.

The trailer’s comments section was flooded with numerous positive responses. Fans admired her and thanked her for being open about her “diet problem”. They also sent constant messages. However, when the topic of LOONA’s Chuu’s eating disorder took over online forums and media distribution, the idol posted an Instagram story where she explained that she does not suffer from any eating disorder. While some fans embrace her, many actually feel a little dubious. Another part of the fandom felt that she might have been forced to say this, especially since the binge eating she was talking about was exceptionally normal for an eating disorder.

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