Is Snapchat bringing back visible Best Friends on October 1st?


Rumors are flooding the internet that Snapchat is bringing back visible best friends on October 1, 2022, but is it true?

The app listed your three best friends on your profile so everyone could see who you Snapchatted the most.

However, the slightly stalkerish best friend lists were removed in the 2015 update and a lot of people were really upset.

This feature has been a popular way to keep track of who your friends or loved one have been talking to, and many have wanted it back for years.

There have been rumors on Twitter and TikTok this week that it’s finally coming back on October 1st, but you shouldn’t believe everything you read online…

Disillusioned | official trailer



Disillusioned | official trailer





Will Snapchat Bring Back Best Friends on October 1st?

HITC can confirm that Snapchat is not bringing back visible best friends on October 1st after direct Snapchat chats.

Snapchat currently has no plans to bring back the old feature, and it won’t be coming back in early October as rumors have suggested.

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The fake rumor went viral on Twitter

It’s not clear where the fake rumor came from, but it quickly went viral on Twitter and a lot of people were fooled.

One person wrote:

Another said:

A third person wrote:

Someone else tweeted:

Best friends on Snapchat still exist

Snapchat didn’t remove the Best Friends feature completely, it just removed the visible Best Friends lists.

You can still see who your best friends are, and when you send a picture, it will appear in the “Best Friends” section.

Just take a photo and tap “Send”, then you will see your best friends at the top of the screen, but no one else can see them.

You can have up to eight Best Friends and they are updated regularly based on who you Snapchat most often, including chats and photos.

People will know if they are on your best friends list because a smiley will appear next to your name. However, no one else can see it.

If you and a friend are both number one best friends, meaning you’re both at the top of each other’s best friends list, a yellow heart will appear next to their name.

It turns into a red heart when you’ve been number one best friends for two weeks, then two pink hearts appear when you’ve been best friends for two months.

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